Friday, September 4, 2015


Hi Milo & Jet here! This morning we got home from a pawesome four day holiday at a beautiful place called Countrywide Cottages in the Otways. We watched with excitement on Monday as Ros started packing up our doggie holiday bag. We made sure to supervise so nothing important was left behind like treats. It wasn't long before everything was packed and we walked outside and jumped in the car ready to head off on an adventure. We loved looking at the scenery on the drive there and there were some great smells that flew in the window.        
It wasn't long until we had arrived and after checking in we headed towards our cottage. We got very excited when we saw all the space we would have to run during our stay.
After posing in front of our cottage we were off exploring all the smells we could find. Our noses sure got a great work out.  We were very excited when we saw our very own fenced-in backyard just for us doggies to explore.
How Pawesome Is Our Backyard ?   
Then we decided to explore inside and inside was just as pawesome as outside! We got very excited when we sniffed out what was waiting for us. 
 After exploring inside and trying a homemade doggie treat each we decided to go for our first run in the bush.  There were so many smells to sniff we were worried our noses were going to fall off.
 After our walk we headed towards the off lead areas and we were very excited to find a dam awaiting our arrival.
 After all that racing around playing the chase game Milo and I decided some more swimming was in order.
 After swimming I suffered a big attack of swimming induced craziness :) I did my best to land on my humans while trying to share the lovely dam water with them but sadly they didn't seem to understand my kindness and kept telling me to go away.   
Well after an hour of swimming fun we headed back to our lovely cottage for the night and after our dinner we quickly fell to sleep dreaming of what else was in store for us this holiday :) 


  1. Those cloudy skies had us worried. What a fantastic place. It just has EVERYTHING!

  2. Wow, that was quite the amazing adventure. Swimming, running, sniffing, eating, and drinking, and definitely being merry:) Thanks for sharing all your fun.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. That's our kind of holiday! Running, sniffing AND swimming! Have fun!

    Wyatt and Family

  4. Did you guys find any rabbits? You guys must be natural born swimmers

  5. O. M. D. !! What an amazing dog-friendly place!! We can't believe that your humans sisn't appreciate your sharing the dam water with them!! Sheesh!! Hope the rest of your stay was as fun!!

    -Ruby and Otto

  6. Lovely FUN place to go for a long run and swimming. Woofs! for being dog-friendly. Golden Woofs

  7. Wow what a pawsome place that looks!! We'd love that place too! Woofs and Licks



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