Thursday, January 9, 2014


Hi Milo & Jet here! Today has been a very exciting day. When we woke up this morning we could tell it was going to be a warm day so we had our paws crossed that Ros would take us for a swim. It wasn't long before we could see our doggie prayers were going to be answered.  We were so excited and couldn't wait to jump into the car and head off.  We were soon on our way to President's Park our favourite place for a swim.  Once we had arrived we were quick to show Bella & Ebony the way as like us they're true water loving doggies.        
We were soon let off to begin our swimming fun, Bella and Ebony more than proving they can keep up with us Labradors.
 Then after one of the many throws I got so excited that I suffered an attack of swimming induced craziness.  I was just so very happy.    
 Once I had recovered we decided to go for a stroll around the dam to see what other smells we could sniff out.
 Soon though, we were heading back towards the dam and spotted a new friend just waiting for us  when we arrived back.  He was a cute Jack Russell called James.
  Once we had all got aquainted more swimming was called for.  that was when we found out something very exciting about our new friend James. He too was an avid water doggie.

   Then as we were busy playing with our toy we saw James going over to his owner who suddenly had a rubber yellow ball in his hand. That was very exciting so when it was thrown James, Milo and I entered into a race to see who could reach the ball first.  It was me. Though Ros seems to think I have an unfair advantage in the shape of my giant paws that means I have a super fast doggie paddle.
Then we were attracted back to our own toy and Jet and Bella had a great time playing the chase game. 
By this stage we were starting to get quite tired so our humans started thinking about going home but not before Jet went for one more swim with James our new Jack Russell friend.  
After that we were put back on our leads.  We had a group photo before we left and once we arrived home we got a bone spoil; a perfect end to an amazing doggie day.  We heard it's going to be quite hot this week weather wise so so we have our paws crossed for many more swimming opportunities.  Bye From Milo, Jet, Bella & Ebony.  


  1. Wow! your place looks bright and sunny! So glad you guys had a lovely day and all of you are good swimmers! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!

  2. *sigh*

    All that sunshine and warmth captured in these pictures! It has been below zero here, and we are dreaming of warmer days!

  3. What a great day in the sun!!! It is winter in our hemisphere so swimming is kinda out for us. But looking at your pix made me warm all over.
    Love Noodles

  4. um the chuckit as a swimming toy???

    Stop on by for a visit

  5. Great pictures, fun times! My girl would be jealous, as she loves to swim. But, she also loves the snow and cold.



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