Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hey Milo here! A few days ago we had a great walk. We went to the new place we had been the day before and we also went to the oval. Such fun!

Here we are exploring at the river.We were there for about 45 mintues. It was great fun. Then we went to the oval.

Here we are having just arrived at the oval. Then Ros brought out our favourite toy and the fun began.

This is my favourite toy! So the fun began with a great game of chase.

Just look at how fast we're going. We're going so fast only one of my feet are touching the ground. Super pup!! Then we played tug.

I'm going to get it!

I got it.
Next we found a great mud puddle that we just had to take full advantage of. It was so much fun to have a splash in as you can see.

We're having such fun! Then I decide to have a rest.

Having a rest.

Don't I look so handsome all covered in mud? Mud, of course, inproves the coat.

We had a great time out and we were very tired when we got home and slept for hours. A few days later we had a great time sunbathing. Angus' favourite thing to do!

I love to sun bathe. It's one of my most favourite activities to do.

One must give the sun equal opportunities to warm up all body parts.

Ah, sun, beautiful sun.

Milo also loves sunbathing.
While we were busy sunbathing Daisy was busy doing this.......


Doesn't she look so beautiful? Ros thought she sort of looked like a racoon in this photo.
Well daisy has gone home but we hope she had a great time here and has many more adventures at home.

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