Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hey Milo Here! Today has been a very big day. We went to the oval for an hour or so but that's not what's so exciting. We have a new friend staying with us this week. Her name is Annie and she is a 15 month old Black Labrador who loves chasing the ball.

Isn't she cute?
We got to the oval at 10:10a.m. It was such a lovely day today that we just had to get out and about . Ros grabbed all our toys and the leads and off we headed to the oval.
First Annie and I played chase which was fun and she was really fast.

You can't catch me!!!
Then Angus and I played tug which was great. We really like the new red tug toy as it is so strong that we were able to really pull it and it barely even stretched.

Grrrrr.We're so strong.

Grrrrr. I'm going to win.

Preparing for the famous Milo head shake proven to get tug toys off both humans and dogs alike.

I got it and just look at how proud I am.

Angus and I playing bitey face. When we're at home, this is our favourite game.

Then we played ball with my small basket ball.

Annie really liked the ball and being the good boy that I am I let her have a great play with it.

She was very energetic.
Next we played ball.

I'm going to get it!!

Playing tug with one of my human's friends. I must say she had fantastic tug technique!!! Really triple A skills so we really had a great play.
Even Angus excelled himself. He ran after the ball at least five times and had to run about 30 feet so ros was very proud of him.

I got it.

Just about to go home after a great time out. We slept very well once we got home but can't wait till our next adventure.

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