Saturday, September 18, 2010


Hey Milo here! Today is another very exciting day! As you know we've had Annie staying with us this week. Well let me introduce you to Daisy. She is also a black labrador and she is going to be staying with us this week for a hoilday. What fun.

Isn't she so adorable ?

First we went outside and like any proper dog she immediately started sniffing everything.

Ah, this is interesting. I wonder what it could be ?

Then Ros went inside to get my new red tug toy and the fun began.

Here we are playing chase. Isn't this an amazing action shot?

Here I'm trying to get her to chase me again. come on ; chase me. You know you want to.

And we're off.

Resting for a bit.

Doesn't last long! Seconds later we're running flat out again. You can't get me.

Here I've just caught my toy that Ros had just thrown for us and it seems I wish to keep it to myself for a few seconds so I may have poked my tongue out a tiny bit.

Then Ros and I played some tug.

Grrrrr, it's mine. Then I tried to show Daisy how awesome my tug toy was. I want my friends to grab it while they are chasing me. It's fantastic fun and is my favourite game to play. Daisy didn't understand that she could grab the red tug toy as well so that was something we quickly made right.

Just look at how excited I am that daisy's here. Come, get it! Come on, come on, get it!

I was so happy that I fell over! Look at my big smiley face. Check out my toy balancing skills. Aren't they so cool!? We went from this to this.

Playing chase again and look at her tug grabbing technique. We had been running ourselves ragged since Dasiy got here so Ros decided it was time to cool down labrador style.

This is our own personal swimming pool. It's just the perfect size. Just big enough to lie down in to get your tummy wet and also leaves enough space to splash if you want to.

Well Daisy adored the pool. Ros said she looked like a windup toy. She would fly in, start to dig as fast as she could then she put her nose under the water and blew bubbles which Ros thought was very funny.

Ah, water, beautiful water

Isn't she so beautiful when she's wet? She just might be my best doggie friend apart from Angus of course.
Finally I got a turn. This is me enjoying a nice swim in our own swimming pool.

I am so nice and cool. I love hopping in after walks as it's the perfect way to cool down quickly.
Now after cooling down Ros went inside to get something from her room. It was quite a mystery. After 2 mintues she came back with our favourite toy.

This is my very favourite toy.
Now at first Annie and Daisy weren't too sure about each about each other but once we went outside they were fine. Perhaps it was too crouded inside for them to feel happy with each other; but as you can see they were soon fast freinds.

Me, Annie and Dasiy playing chase with my favourite toy and after today it just might be daisies as well. Next, we played Tug.

Here we come tug Olympics! Well if there isn't one, perhaps we could create one? We played tug for awhile which was great fun.

Grrrrr, give it,give it.

Here we're resting for a bit.

Today has been a great day. Annie is going tomorrow but we have enjoyed meeting her. Daisy's staying with us this week and we hope she will have a good time and enjoy all our adventures this week.

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