Sunday, September 12, 2010


Milo Here! Today Ros and I went for a walk down Boadles Lane. It was great fun and as it was a nice day we went for a very big walk. Ros reckons we went at least 12 Km so it was great. It made me feel really good as it felt like I was migrating to a new place which as all dogs know is the best type of walk. It makes you concentrate on walking so your brain gets a workout too!

When you get home you fall asleep immediately.

A walking we shall go.

I'm still going. I am having such fun.

A bit further on we spotted a huge puddle so Ros let me have some fun splashing in it.

Isn't that a great puddle for splashing in and can you believe how big it is ?

Standing in the water to cool of a little bit then Ros deicided it was time to keep going but promised on the way back I could run through the puddle again.

I'm still going.

Here we are stopping for a sniff.

Then Ros wanted to take some pictures of me standing still so we did that a few times. The first try did not work out so well though.

Milo! Earth to Milo!!!
The next two tries worked very well however.

I got lots of good boy Milo for staying so still! Well, really, what does she expect? I'm always a good boy!

Aren't I so handsome? Can you see I'm a bit wet from walking through all the puddles that were about?

Ah, just look at how relaxed I am. Plus look at my big smiley face.

On the way home after a fantastic walk. I really had a great walk today. Ros did too.

I went from this........

To this!! Good night everybody!

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