Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hey! Milo here! Today was a pawesome day as I went to a place I had never been to before. It's called Albert Park Lake and it's found in Melbourne. It's a huge walk that goes right around the Albert Lake and it's a huge place having two hundred and twenty-five hectares of parkland for us and our humans to explore. There are lots of paths and they have off leash areas for doggie playmates to get together and heaps of fantastic new smells so it makes for a great doggie day out. Early in the morning I saw Ros was busy collecting up some of my things and shoving them into a bag before she came over to tell me we were going out somewhere together. I was very excited because I love going out with my human Ros. She always takes me to great places. Once we got everything ready it was time to go so I jumped into the car and off we went on our adventure. Soon we had arrived and this was the view that greeted us.
Isn't that a fantastic view? The lake with the city in the background? So after checking out the view for a few seconds we went to have a look at the map that the people who run this park had put up. I guess it is to ensure that people with their poor sense of smelling trails don't get lost.
The Map Of Albert Park Lake! Soon I told my humans it was time to start exploring this beautiful place so off we went. The place had paths and big trees the whole way around so it was a lovely walk to go on and there were heaps of other people out running or jogging around us.
Here is the sign that starts the walk so, of course, Ros wanted a photo of me sitting in front of the sign. At least I was given a big doggie cookie afterward for doing such a good job.
Sitting by the sign. After the photo taking was done we got done to the serious business of walking and exploring. We had been walking for a little while when Ros decided it was time for more photo taking. There was this little pier thing out over the water so I went out onto it with Ros and she told me to do a sit-stay which I did brilliantly then the photo taking began. I must say I think they came out very well.
Soon it was time to keep going with me leading the way. Off we headed to keep exploring our new park. As it was right next to a lake there were heaps of these strange large feathered things everywhere and they came right up to you. I found them a little scary especially after one hissed at me when Ros was giving me a cookie for being such a good boy.
What do you think dog friends? Is it scary looking? I asked Ros and they're apparently called the black swan and she thinks they're pretty looking but I still think that it was giving me an evil birdie eye. We quickly kept going and off we went again walking around the lake.
We had been walking for a long time now and were almost half the way around so we stopped to have a look at the view and do some more modelling. I was getting a bit thirsty by this stage so we also stopped so that I could have a drink.
Walking was not the only activity I enjoyed while I was out with my humans today. I did lots of sniffing as well.
After all the sniffing we kept going and came across one of the off leash areas that are on the side of the walk. We headed over and I was let off to do some exploring. I was a very good boy and came back the second Ros said I had to. Ros was very proud of me. Of course, cookies help!
We been the entire way around the lake which is about five kilometres. Ros decided it was such a lovely day that we shouldn't waste it and so she decide to go around again. We had not seen any other doggies yet but on the second loop around they started to appear. The first doggie we saw was a female Yellow Labrador and her little Jack Russell friend so they came over to say hello. So we all did a very nice doggie hello to each other with wagging tails while our humans watched us make friends.

After saying hello these doggies had to keep going on their walk and we kept going on ours. Soon we came across a huge fig tree so Ros and I had our photo taken under the tree. We think it came out very well.
Isn't it a lovely photo of us? After the photo taking was done we continued on with our walk.
After walking for a little while we came across another doggie out walking his humans but he wasn't as nice as the first doggies we had met so while our humans talked to each other we had a lay down next to our humans with the path between us doggies. We did a good job of lying down close to each other. My human was proud of me for doing such a good job of ignoring the doggie.
He was a Heeler x Jack Russell and he gets to come here almost everyday. How lucky is he? Well after our humans had finished talking we both headed off to complete our walks. Soon after that Ros started to think about going home as we had been there for almost three hours so I was getting quite tired by this stage. We started heading back towards the car but ros still kept her eyes open for possible photo opportunities.
Soon we had arrived at the car and after my humans had packed up the car it was then time for me to jump in at last. Well I had an amazing outing at Albert Park Lake today and would definitely recommend it for other doggies as well.
In the car on the way home. A very tired but very happy Milo.


  1. Hi Milo,

    Your Albert Park is so much bigger and better than the Albert Park where I live - the only water in ours is in a fountain.

    It looks like you and Ros had a wonderful time.


  2. Wow Milo! Sounds like another great adventure you had at Albert Park!!

  3. Howdy Milo, Albert Park sounds heaps good. Thanks for sharing with us. Its always nice to meet new friends while out walking that's for sure. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  4. Love the pics ! Looks like you had a great tome ! I love parks too :-)




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