Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hey! Milo here! A few days ago my human took me to the You Yangs national park. It is only a fifteen kilometre drive from where we live. It is a beautiful spot and even though it's a national park it lets doggies come with their humans as long we're on lead. So early in the morning my humans packed up the car and off we headed to the You Yangs.
This is the sign at the entrance of the You Yangs. There are many different trails at the You Yangs so today we went on one that we had not been on before. It was almost right up the top and the car park had some pawesome views of the sounding area. As soon as we arrived Ros and I went to check out the view.
Isn't it a pawesome view? We took a seat on a huge rock together and admired the view. Then Ros decided to get photos of my handsome self lying on the rock.
It turned out very well if i do say so myself! After photo taking was over we headed off on our walk. The path we went on was surrounded by trees which gave us some nice shade as we began our exploring.
Doesn't it look like a great place for walks with the beautiful trees surrounding the paths. We had been walking for a little while when Ros decided it was time for photos so once I had sniffed a suitable location the photo taking began.
They came out very well if i do say so myself. After photo taking was finished we kept going and I soon found some very interesting smells.
I wonder what this could be? Perhaps kangaroo? We had been walking for a while when we stopped to get more photos of the path and the nice foliage that surrounds it.
Then as we kept going we came across a huge rock so for a challenge we stopped and Ros told me to jump on so she could take a photo of me standing on the rock.
I think it came out very well. Soon we took off again and we came across a sign that started a new walking track. For some fun we decided to do some exploring and see what was down there.
After exploring this new spot we decided to turn around and start heading back towards the car when suddenly Ros stopped again as she had found another place for me to pose. It was a rock that was flat and easy to walk onto.
I think these snaps turned out very well if do say so again! After that we kept going and soon had arrived at the car so I jumped in and we went home. I had a great time at the You Yangs today and after having a big drink I fell to sleep straight away.


  1. What a beautiful park

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. Hi Milo!! What a fantastic walk! Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful photographs, it's great seeing the beautiful walks our blogville friends get to go on! Dex and Lou

  3. What a great walk Milo! Your photo shoot turned out pretty good too! LOL!



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