Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hey! Milo here! Today was a pawesome day where I got to do my most favourite activity in the world. I went swimming. At lunchtime I noticed my humans packing the car up and so I started getting excited as it usually means we're about to go somewhere together which is another one of my favourite activities. After a little while we all piled into the car and headed off on an adventure together. We were going to visit a friends' house. They live in a beautiful area with lots of lovely scenery around their house.
After a little while we arrived and while the humans said hello to each other I did a proper
doggie hello to the doggies that lived there.
After introducing myself I suddenly spotted a little pond. I went over and jumped in as it was quite a hot day and even with that cooled air that blows in the car sometimes I was still quite hot when we arrived.
After a quick splash in the pond I suddenly felt cool enough to explore around a little bit. There were so many new places to sniff!!!
Oh! This smells interesting. I wonder what it could be? After a little while the people started to head down this little road and when we got to the end I just could not believe my luck!! There for my swimming pleasure was an entire dam. Oh, the excitement! Oh, the fun!!! I jumped straight in and quickly got down to what labradors do best - loving water.
After splashing around for a little while Ros found the first stick and the serious business began. I waited ready for the first stick to be thrown. It required my absolute attention.
Must watch the stick! Quickly!! Ros, throw the stick out for me. I splashed off to go and retrieve it.
Isn't that a pawesome action shot? After fetching sticks for almost an hour straight I decided that it was time to have a little rest so I flew out of the dam to have a rest on the little bridge that was lying across the dam.
See? I'm going so fast I'm just a chocolate blur! After getting out I had to have a big shake to get rid of all the excess water.
After shaking off all the water I went to have my rest but I made sure I still had my eyes on my humans in case they needed some swimming help from me.
After having a rest for a little while more swimming was in order so I told Ros to go find another stick and the fun began again.
The doggies that lived there were also out enjoying a splash in the water though they didn't like going in as deep as me and preferred to just wade around the edge despite my attempts to convince them to come out with me. Their names where Clancy and Maisie. Clancy was an Australian Kelpie and Maisie was a Golden Retriever
I had been swimming non stop since we arrived and was starting to get tired and my humans too were starting to think of going home. My humans finally convinced me to stop swimming and we headed back towards the car with me leading the way.
I had such a pawesome day doing the thing I do best!! Swimming. After all that exercise I fell asleep as soon as I got in the car and I slept all the way home dreaming of my wet and wild adventure.


  1. Thanks milo for coming over to play!!!!!! We had such an awesome time watching you swim.......somehow tho Maisie & I have never been as courageous as you when it comes to swimming- despite our owners best efforts. I tried to tell them throwing me in as a puppy WOULD NOT help - but sometimes my owners just don't listen. Please come again milo!
    Woof woof

  2. Love the photos - looks like a fun day!

  3. Howdy Milo, what a great day you had. We know labs just love to swim. You must have been tired by the end of the day. Love the photo of you shaking off the water. Hope you did it nice and close to your peeps, hehehe. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  4. Hi Milo, your friend Hamish here from ballarat. You were lucky to be taken to a dam for such fun and a swim in this hot weather, My human has not taken me for a swim as we live in the city and dont have a dam. The last swim I had was a few years ago when your human took me to your little river and I swam with you lots of licks Hamish

  5. Well looks like you had one terrific day! Great action shots!



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