Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hi! Milo, here. Yesterday I went to a place I had never been before. It was called Hovell's Creek Walk. It's found in Lara. We arrived just before lunch time so after getting all the things out of the car we headed off on our walk.
This is the sign at the car park. It tells you a little bit of info which is important for our humans to know. The sign tells you how far the walk is and whether there is any place to get drinks for doggies which is most important to know I think. So we headed off on our walk with me leading the way. First we went under a little bridge which was fun as it was nice and cool underneath and there was a small river running under the bridge so that was fun to look at. Unfortunately I was not allowed to go in today which i thought was quite unfair.
Isn't this a cute little bridge? Once we had come out the other side I got down to the important business of exploring this new place which required my excellent sniffing ability to make sure I worked out all new smells correctly.
This smell is interesting!! I wonder who else has come this way? Perhaps poodle?
This is the view on the other side of the bridge. Isn't it pawesome? After sniffing out the view we continued on with our walk and soon we came to the sign telling us we were at the beginning of the walking trail.
It's a fantastic spot to go for a walk with your human as it has lovely scenery. It is a well made walking track as well so it's also suitable for bikes or wheelchairs.
Isn't it a cool spot? We went off on our walk but not before I stopped for another sniff in the grass. I think that grass always seems to have the best smell in it. What do you think, dog friends ?
So we had been walking for a while when Ros decide to get photos of my handsome self. Once she found a suitable spot I had to do a stand- stay while she pointed a black box at me to get my picture. It came out very well if i do say so myself.
After photo taking was over we continued on with our walk and as we kept going Istarted seeing lots of trees and water ahead. It had a sea type smell to it which was very nice to sniffas we kept walking on.
Then we came to a little hut type thing and that had a drinking stand for the people and they even supplied an ice cream container for passing doggies to drink from. Now, how is that for service?
We stayed there for a little while to admire the view which was very pawesome I thought. It had a huge lake with nice little shrubs around it.
After checking out the view for a little while we decided to turn around and head back the way we came so off we went. After a little while though we stopped again as Ros was worried that I was getting a bit hot. I got to have a rest under a nice tree as it was cool underneath and I was soon deemed cool enough to continue. Honestly, sometimes i think Ros worries about me a little too much but shush, don't tell her that.
After stopping to get another photo of the view it was again my turn for photos. Once again they came out very well; not that it's hard to take good photos if you have such a handsome subject.
After a little while we had made our way back to the car and once my humans had packed up the car I jumped in and had a well deserved rest. I loved going to Hovells creek walk and would definitely recommend it to other doggies as well.


  1. You sure do sniff out a lot of nice places to visit!

  2. what an awesome hike!

    Stop on by for a visit

  3. We would of really enjoyed that walk as well!! Your human takes you to the greatest places :)

    Our human loves to go on walks that have rivers and streams to look at and sometimes play in.

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes



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