Friday, May 11, 2012


Hey Milo here! A few days ago I went for a walk into Werribee with my humans.   Around lunch time I saw Ros grabbing my lead and the bag she takes with us when we go out somewhere together. It carries all the really inportant things in it like my treats and toys plus my very own doggie drink bottle.  After Ros had grabbed all the important things she called me over and told us it was time to go. Oh Boy!! An adventure with my human. We jumped in the car and headed off on our adventure.  
I have just arrived and am busy sniffing out the view before heading off on our walk.  All of a sudden  there was a problem as there was this strange white square thing on the ground just before the road crossing and I must admit I was quite scared of it. I'd never seen anything like it before.  I'm very much a country doggie!       
Eventually though with encouragement from Ros and a few of my favourite new treats  Ros managed to help me become a brave boy again and I ended up jumping over it.  Once the road signs told my humans it was safe to cross we quickly walked across and I'm proud to say I had to walk over five more bits of the scary path while we walked over the road and this time I didn't even stop!! My humans were very proud.  How brave was I?  By the end of our walk I was a pro at walking over them.    
      Once we crossed the road we arrived at the beginning of our walk. Isn't it a lovely spot ?  
 Doesn't it look like a pawesome place for walks? Well off we went on our adventure together. We didn't get very far before I found some most interesting smells  so I went over to sniff them out.
  Oh, this smells interesting! I wonder who it could have been?  After reading all the local doggie news we headed off on our walk. It was a lovely place for walkies as it had lovely big gum trees lining the path so you would get lovely shade in Spring and Summer. As we were walking under the trees something peculiar started to happen. It began to rain gum nuts on us so we looked up and this is what we saw.    
I wasn't sure what it was even though I have seen them flying around our home before. I asked Ros what they were and she told my they're called sulphur crested cockatoos. There was a flock of about twenty in the tree just above us enjoying their afternoon snack of gum nuts.  
Isn't he a cute little fellow?  After I figured out the mystery of the falling gum nuts we continued on with our walk and I soon found some more interesting smells so I went over to check them out.    
Oh, this smells good! I wonder who it was? Then Ros wanted to get some photos of my handsome self so after finding a place to pose the photo taking began.    
 I think it turned out very well if i do say so myself. After photo taking was finished we continued on with our walk stopping now and then for more smells and photo taking.
Soon we had come to the end of our walk so we turned around and headed back the way we had come. After a while we came to this cute little bridge so Ros thought it would look nice if I posed on it.    
As I was busy posing for Ros we all suddenly heard a strange screeching sound coming from high above us so we looked up and saw a flock of rainbow lorrikeets.  They're native parrots to Australia and they were flying into the gum trees around us.
Aren't they pretty?  After my humans had stopped admiring them we continued on with our walk but for a bit of a change they decided to head up to the main street and have a look around there. First we saw this nice fountain and then Ros spotted a seat for me to pose on.
Isn't it most unusual dog friends? 
  I was a tiny bit stressed about getting on this seat at first but my favourite treats helped me feel much braver. After all, if my treat can sit on it, I was sure that I could.  Didn't it turn out well? My humans were starting to get a bit hungry by this stage so they found a cafe to have some late lunch. My humans were very proud of just what a good boy I was as I sat down straight away and almost feel to sleep. Before their food came out Ros brought out my doggie water bottle so I could have a big drink.
My first cafe experience and just look how good I'm being. In fact I was so good that when my humans had finished their meals Ros gave some of her Pizza crusts. Oh, thank- you Ros. In fact when we first arrived one of the people who takes the orders for humans came out and gave me lots of nice pats and spent a few minutes talking just to me. Which made feel very special and so I even showed her how well I could shake paws. All that made my first cafe experience a very positive thing and now I can't wait to go again.  Soon though my humans started to think about going home so we headed back to the car.        
 Before we got back to the car though Ros decided to get a photo of us together and didn't it turn out pawesome.  
  Don't we both look very happy together?  We had soon arrived back at the car and I jumped in ready to go home. I had a fantastic time out with my human and I can't wait until we go out together again. Bye now from Milo. Oh wait! I almost forgot to ask. Dog Blog friends. I need your help!! My humans have been acting quite strangely of late and I noticed that just in the last week they've been counting down the days for some reason. Which makes me wonder what they're up to so I would appreciate any ideas that you might have.        
What could they be up too ? 


  1. What a great outing! You got to see some pretty nice things. I love the birds! Do you think your peeps could be counting down to a birthday? :-)

  2. My mom always put the words UP TO and NO GOOD together for some reason :)

  3. Milo, I cannot believe what wonderful birds you have!! Mostly we have dumb ol' sparrows and boring finches. You are so lucky! Hmmm, your humans are counting down days, eh? That could mean many different things. Are they smiling when they do it?

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Hi Y'all,

    Stoppin' to say "hello" and wish you and yours a Happy Mother's Day tomorrow.

    The days 'til Mom's Day tomorrow? It's a special Human day to celebrate you know.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  5. Can we come for a walk with you sometime? I know we live on opposite ends of the world but stil...BOL!


  6. Howdy Milo, great walk and we're like you, sort of country dogs so the sights and sounds of the city are a little strange. You did so well and we're glad you got to have your first cafe visit. Hey, is your birthday soon? No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  7. What a great outing

    Stop on by for a visit

  8. Woof, Just found your blog, and you're another one of me!! Looks like you have great adventures.

    Cadbury & Helen

  9. Hiya
    Great outing and cool pics.
    Best wishes Molly



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