Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hey Milo Here! Today has been a very very exciting day but more about that later. First I would like to thank you Cadbury for giving me the Liebster Blog Award

Thank You Cadbury. Now I must choose some blogs to pass it on to. They are Murphy & Stanley from I love reading their adventures and seeing the fun things they get up to.  Next is The Adventures of Two Doodles and a Growing Great Dane  They have fantastic adventures that are always captured with the most amazing photos. So once again thank you Cadbury for giving me the liebster blog award.

 I would like to thank all my doggie friends for guessing what they thought my humans were up to.  There were some really clever ideas suggested.  The excitement started this morning. My humans seemed very excited about something and I just could not work out why. It wasn't my birthday! It wasn't a special human day for anything. I was quite perplexed about it all.  Then late in the afternoon I saw Ros grabbing the camera with a huge smile on her face so I came over to see what was going on. When she looks that happy we usually are about to go on an adventure together. When I went over to Ros she told me to go back to my mat and lie down again. The nerve!! I just couldn't believe it. After that all the humans went outside, jumped in the car and drove off without me. ................. Some time later they came home and I knew at once something was different so I went around smelling my humans in turn. They all had a strange smell on them. It smelled like puppy smell. The only person who I hadn't seen yet was Ros and when I finally found her I froze because look what she had with her.            
Yes! It's a tiny one of me. After I got over my shock my humans explained that this is to be my new baby brother. Isn't he cute?  It was quite cold by the time my humans got home so we quickly went inside so we could get to know each other better.  Hello! My name is Milo. What's yours?
As you can see we hit it off straight away. Since puppies get tired very quickly I'm handing the DogTop over to him so he can say hello to you all for the first time.  
Hello everyone. My name is Jet. I'm an eight week old pure bred black labrador. Tonight has been a very busy night for me as this afternoon I left my breeder's home and came to live with my new forever family. So far, I really like them. They have lots of toys for me to chew on and beds to sleep in but the best thing they have is a big me!!  That means that they will understand me very well as I get bigger which is I think most important. Plus they have got lots of thing already set up for me that will start in a little while like puppy school. I'm not sure what that is but it sounds fun As long as there are treats I'll try anything. Oh this typing is hard work. I think I need a nap and I will let my new big brother take over again so I can get some more sleep which as all puppies know is very important.  Hi Milo here again. Well, as you can see, it's going to be very busy around our house now and I hope you will enjoy getting to know my new little brother as you have gotten to know me.  Bye now from Milo. PS more Jet photos just for you humans to squeek over.


  1. Welcome JET!!! Milo, you are so lucky to have a new brother, a very handsome brother too! You will have to teach him many things. We look forward to seeing you learn about each other. I think Roz will have her hands full for sure! BTW, thank you for the award. We aren't familiar with it but will check it out. Have a wonderful day!!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Congratulations on your award and your new baby brother!! what a wonderful addition Jet will be to your family! Now you have a playmate again, Milo!! Jet is beautiful!

  3. Hi Y'all,

    How y'all doin'? Just stopped by for a visit. Looks like lots of fun for you Milo! Soon though Jet will be wearin' you out!

    Congratulations on your Award! Y'all deserve it. I'm off to visit some of your friends.

    Hope y'all continue to have a great week!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. woofrific!!!! congrats- job will done my friend.

  5. oh yea! welcome to the gang Jet- tell your pack leader to send me some pictures of you and Milo so i can put them on my "webbuds" page. jesse

  6. Congratulations on your award and on your new brother. Oh what fun you two are gonna have

    The silvers and more

  7. Barks to both of you, Jet looks adorable I wish I had a baby brother to play with!! You guys have fun..

  8. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Oh gosh that was mum, sorry. Bet you heard it from your place. Welcome little Jet. What a gorgeous little boy you are. Milo, you are going to just love being a big brother. Oh how exciting for your family. We just know Angus is looking from the Rainbow Bridge with a big ol' smile on his face. Congratulations to you all!! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory (and Carol)

  9. CONGRATS on the award and the arrival of a new little brother, Jet! When we added Todd last year, he was quickly taught the ropes by our crew, just like I know you're teaching him too! I'll look forward to reading more about your adventures, and Jet taking the blame for the mischief! :-))!!!

  10. awww congrats!

    Stop on by for a visit

  11. So sorry we are SO behind on catching up on everyones blogs, we were reading yours and wondering who this little ball of jet black fur was, now we know! Congrats...and congrats on the award. Jet is a stunner <3

    AND THANK YOU SO MUCH for passing it on to us, it means alot.

    Big Slobbers



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