Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hey, Milo here! Back with more of the fur friends that I met on my day out at the million paws walk.  After saying goodbye to the rare doggie we kept walking and soon ran into an Afghan Hound that was very nice and we had fun saying hello to each other.    
Isn't it a stunning doggie?! This is the first Afghan hound I had ever met so I was happy that he seemed to like me so much. Well after saying hello to the Afghan hound we continued on and we soon ran into another doggie to say hello to. She was an American Bulldog and had a very nice pink studded dog collar that looked great against her nice coat.      
After saying goodbye to her we went in search for another doggie to say hello to. Soon we crossed paws with a cute little border terrier doggie.
I had met lots of different doggies but had yet to meet another me until finally I spotted a black one of me coming towards us. His name was Wilbur and we both got very excited when we saw each other. He had a cute polkadot bow tie on that looked very striking against his black coat.             
We had fun saying hello to each other. Wilbur headed off to say hello to make more friends him. Only seconds after he left another black labrador appeared so he also came straight over to say hello to me.    
Hello! My name's Milo. What's yours? Hang on!!  Can I smell water?! Have you been swimming? Oh, I want to go swimming too. Where did you go?  After he told me where he went for a swim he continued on his way. Then I spotted two tiny doggies. In fact, they were so tiny that at first I thought they could have been rats. One was a tiny toy poodle who in fact won the smallest dog competition last year & the other was a cute little black Chihuahua called Ebony. To show you all just how tiny they were I sat next to the poodle so I can give you a sense of scale.  Ros was allowed to give them a cuddle and she could hold them each in only one of her hands. 
 Look how tiny they are. They didn't even make it up to my elbow. The little poodle was also wearing a very cute little outfit that apparently had to be especially made just for her as even the tiniest dog outfits were still much too large. Ros gave me lots of treats for sitting so quietly next to them as sometimes tiny doggies can be a little scared of us bigger dogs.  After saying goodbye to my new tiny friends we ran into a lovely old golden retriever that was very dressed up in a lovely pink outfit and pink toenails. Yes, pink toenails!        
    Well after saying hello and sniffing out her nails we continued on when we ran into a Japanese Spitz. He was wearing a very cute coat that looked great against his coat. 
Doesn't he have a lovely face?! Then Ros spotted a Shar Pei so she went over to take some photos. He was very interested in the camera which helped Ros get some good photos of him for my blog. 
 Doesn't he have a big chubby face?  After Ros had got her photos and I had deemed them good enough we continued on when suddenly we ran into a huge doggie. An eighteen month old merle great dane. He was huge. About twice my size but he seemed a little bit unsure so we didn't go over to say hello to him and just got photos from a distance. He had a lovely coat patten as you can see.  
 Isn't he handsome ?! Well after getting our photos of him we continued on and we soon ran into a cute little french bulldog so we said a nice hello to each other.
After continuing on we went for a bit of a walk around when Ros told me to look at something. It's not! Could it be?! Yes, it's a me! So far we had not seen another doggie that looked like me. The other doggie saw me to and came over to say hello.
 Well after saying hello she continued with her walking while I had found a new big friend to say hello to. He was the Alaskan malamute that won the biggest doggie comp last year. Isn't he very handsome? !  
Well after saying goodbye to him we ran into a cute little cavalier doggie so we did a very nice hello to each other.
Well we had been there for almost three hours and a lot of people were starting to think about going home but there were a few doggies around that were still meeting & greeting. Ros said it was now my time for photo taking  so we found a quieter spot for my photos. I was getting very tired by this stage so I had a tiny bit of trouble keeping awake for my photos.      
Must Stay Awake 
 Once Ros bought the treats out that woke me up quite a bit!  If I do say so myself I look very handsome in my photos. After my photo taking Ros took me back towards the beginning of the walk again. What was she up to? As we continued on I starting to get worried that she was going to make go around the walk again. Certainly she wouldn't be that cruel to me when I was just so tired! Would she? As we kept going we ran into the most adorable golden retriever puppy who was in training to become an     assistance dog so it was wearing its cute little coat with a learners sign on the back. Isn't she just so cute?!
 Well after saying goodbye to her we continued on and I finally discovered where Ros was taking me.  Yes, for a splash in the water!! Oh, thank you, Ros.
 I had so much fun splashing around in the water that I completely forgot how tired I was and almost took of doing zoomies but thankfully I remembered the lead just in time as I didn't think Ros would have liked being dragged behind me. It was the best ever reward for being so good when I met all those other doggies.  As even though I like treats I love water even more and it makes me feel very happy and excited. Other water doggies will understand. Well after splashing around for a while I finally had to be dragged out as it was really time to go home.  As soon as I got in the car I fell asleep ready to go home. I hope you have enjoyed meeting all my new friends as well and I have my paw's crossed that I will get to go again next year as well and make even more new friends.      
Goodnight everybody 


  1. Phew - you must have been tired after meeting all those doggies. What a wonderful set of photos and all different size dogs - thank you for sharing your day - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  2. Hi,lots and lots of furry friends. You must have had a great day meeting and greeting.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. What a great mix of doggies at the event

    Stop on by for a visit

  4. Wow Milo, you are very busy!! I think you have such nice greeting manners because you get so much practice. You always meet the nicest new friends!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. What a great turn out of dogs for the event, you are really good at greeting other dogs, love that you got to swim after all that,what joy.

    The silvers and more

  6. Howdy Milo, thanks for taking on your walk. We loved seeing all the different doggies. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  7. wow, what a day- i love days like that- cute, cute cute photos. woofs my friend!

  8. What a BLAST. Mum said that merle is goooorgeous (not as gorgeous as you though!)


  9. We thin our favourite Doggie that you met was the Afghan Hound - they are so funny looking, but so beautiful at the same time! Our human would like one, but she would cut the goatie off - she thinks it makes them look like old men ;)

    Glad you got to go for a swim after!!

    Lots of slobbers,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes



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