Monday, January 3, 2011


Hi! Angus here. Yesterday we got a huge spoil; turkey drumsticks!! They were huge! Some of our human friends came out today and bought them for us. Aren't they so nice?

Aren't they huge?
Then we were taken outside for our bones. Ros made sure I only went very slowly so as not to hurt my sore leg. Once we were outside we then had to sit and wait nicely for our bones.

Here I'm being a very good boy waiting for my bone.

I'm a good boy too!
We know that as soon as we hear the work ok that we're allowed to start eating them. Once Ros said ok we immediately got down to the business of eating our spoil.

Yum Yum Yum

This is so delicious.
They were the perfect size for us. Even I, who has a habit of trying to eat anything I get in one mouthful got at least half an hours chewing enjoyment. Milo, who much prefers to savour the taste of things, got an hour's enjoyment from his turkey leg. Milo and I are very multi-skilled. We can use our feet to hold our bones while we chew them.

See! Look how clever we are.
After a while of chewing I was starting to notice mine was shrinking! Oh, no! Where's Milo? Oops, mine is a bit smaller that Milos. Maybe I need to learn to savour things like he does.

See? Almost gone.

And look how much Milo has left. Then soon it was pretty much gone.

It's almost gone.

Now I'm sure there must be some left around somewhere ? So after I had finished I was taken back inside and put back in my pen and after a few minutes I fell asleep dreaming off my turkey leg. While I was asleep Milo eventually finished and came inside to have a sleep and a few hours later Ros and Milo went for a lovely walk down Boadles Lane but ros forgot camera so there's no photos. By the way today I'm getting the stitches taken out off my leg.


  1. Awesome bones I bet they were delicious. We're so jealous we only get chicken legs mind you we are a lot smaller doggies than you. Hamish and mackie.

    great news- stitches out :)

  3. Wow a turkey leg!!! We haven't had one of those before, you looked like you enjoyed it alot! :D

    We're glad to hear that your stitches came out :) We hope you are felling much better!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes



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