Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hi! Angus here! As you all know a while ago I suffered terrible leg ouchie. At my last visit they said I was allowed to start going on walkies again. So in the afternoons when it gets cooler, Ros and I go on tiny walks together.

On Friday, once it had cooled down off we went on our walkies.

Off we go. Come on Ros, let's go! I love our little walks. I get very excited when I know we are about to go on a walk. We head towards the local shop which is not even three houses away so it is the perfect distance. Also, right near the store, is a big patch of empty land so we use that as our place to exercise.

Isn't it a great spot ?
Off we went to our walking spot.

We're almost there.
We go very slowly so as not to hurt my leg but I find going so slowly a bit boring. Ros said that for the time being it's necessary. It only takes a little while to get there and the first thing I do is have a sniff of a bush so I can catch up on all the local doggie news.

Oh! There was so much to read that I spent a good five mintues sniffing the bush. Then we went to start my walking exercise.

Off I go.
It's a good spot because it has lots lovely shade around the outside so it stays nice and cool.

Soon though it was time to go back home. According to Ros we had done enough walking. I wanted to keep going at first but Ros said no but after a little while she gave up and we went a tiny but futher. Ros didn't let me walk much as she didn't want me to hurt my leg so instead I did lots of sniffing.

Oh, this smells interesting! I wonder who it could be? Just look how happy I was that we had gone a bit further then we had before.

I was smiling and I did a little dance. Soon though it was time to go home. But not before Ros gave me a cuddle for doing so well.

I love Ros. She is my special person.
Soon we were back home and I was ready for a rest.

I'm also doing well in other areas. I've got my weight down to 36kg. I was 40kg so that is helping me feel a lot more energetic. Also, the fur on my leg had almost grown back to how it was before they shaved it off for my operation. That's good as I am no longer embarrassed about being seen by other dogs out on my tiny walks. I'm hoping that soon I'll be allowed to go on walks with Milo again as I have been missing my big walks. I always try to head to the river but Ros says "No, not yet." She also says if I'm patient before I know it I'll be back swimming in the river again. I hope so. I miss getting dirty down in the mud at the river then, of course, shaking it all over Ros.

Well bye now from Angus


  1. Angus... Glad you are feeling better and getting out and about. keep it up you're doing great.

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better, and good on you for loosing some weight (and to Ros for not giving into your cute eyes when you look like you want more food) as being lighter is going to be healthier for you, and make it more fun for you racing around with Milo.


  3. Glad you are feeling better and getting to go on walks again!

  4. hi angus and milo i,m sending you a picture from my collection for my follower pics

  5. I'm so glad your feeling better Angus! Good on you for loosing weight too, I also have to lose a bit because of my hip dysplasia. I hate diets cos I love my food!See ya soon!
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear

  6. What an excellent walking spot, Angus! A very good place to read the news while you complete your recovery. I applaud how patient you're being about not overexerting yourself - Ros knows best! Congrats on the weight loss - looking goood!

    Hope you all are staying cool!
    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  7. I am so happy I found your blog...My black Lab has been receiving treatments for a torn ACL and might need surgery. I'm, glad Agus is recovering nicely!
    Hugs and belly rubs to the pups,

  8. Hi Angus - I hope that you can be patient for a little longer. Your Ros is looking out for you very well. Our dog had to spend 3 months in casts and bandages on her front log and now she's back to romping like a crazy dog. I hope that you're back soon too!



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