Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hey!! Milo, here. This week there has been lots of flooding in Little River. As a consequence all my favourite swimming spots have been far too dangerous to go to as the water has been flowing like rapids.

See. It was so dangerous I was not even allowed to go to the weir for a week. This Tuesday my human Ros deemed it safe enough to go down even though I still wasn't allowed to swim.

Even thought it does not look like it, it has gone down quite a lot.

Just got there! Behind me is the second weir. It is usually empty so that shows you how much rain we've had. Ros and I got down to the important business of exploring.

Here I am exploring a new little stream. At first I was a bit unsure about it all because so much was different but soon I was ok and happy to sniff everything.

Here I am posing for the camera. Soon It was time to go home again but I had a grest time. On the way home Ros let me run throug all the puddles that was heaps of fun.

Stopping to pose in a puddle. I tried to lie down in this puddle but all the little reeds kept poking my tummy so we kept going. Soon we arrived home again.

I went from this .......

....... to this.
Dreaming of my flood adventure! Good night everybody .

Angus here as you all know. I've been on strict rest for the last few weeks. Today was the first day of being allowed to start walks again so ros and and I walked up and down the driveway for five minutes. At the end I was allowed to go and sniff one of the trees in the street. I was so excited that I started dancing round in circles and doing little leaps. It was so fun to be able to go and do some exploring after all this time. I was getting worried that my nose would be broken through lack of use but was very happy to find out that was not the case. All my fur on my operated leg it starting to grow back and I am using the leg by myself on occasion.

The vets say I have a lot of muscle wastage in that leg so I need to do lots of walking. They say though that my leg is stable.

Bye for now from a very happy Angus. We will keep you updated.


  1. Angus, so glad to hear you are getting back to normal. I am sure you'll be joining Milo on more adventures soon!
    Milo, it stinks that you couldn't go swimming, but isn't splashing in the mud and puddles more fun anyway?

  2. Milo, it looks like you had quite an adventure!

    Angus, I bet you'll be feeling back to normal before you know it!


  3. Glad to hear that Angus is on the mend!

  4. Hi Y'all,

    Milo, what a great day y'all had! Sounds like Angus will be able to join you soon.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog



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