Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hey, Milo here. A few days ago we had a very exciting day out. We went to the blessing of the animals at our local church. It was heaps of fun. There were lots of other people that turned up.

Isn't it a cute little church?

Here I am posing by the sign.

Here I am posing by the sign.
After posing by the sign we went into the church grounds to meet the other people and dogs that had come.

This is Mac, a Blue Shar Pei that was there. He was quite cute.

Then after saying hello to everyone we went inside the church for the blessing which was fun. Unfortunately my human was not fast enough to get any photos.

So after that we came back outside to have a little rest while our human chatted.

Soon it was time to go home again. We did some more posing first though.

We had a great time and were tired when we get home but can't wait until next year's one.

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