Sunday, July 4, 2010


Angus and Milo here. we want to tell you where we went today. We went to our favourite place, the local river

It was late afternoon and we were resting on our beds completely bored when we noticed our human grabbing our leads. Yes, we thought! We're going for a walk. So we quickly jumped up ready for a walk. Off we went to the river. No photos were taken on the way there as according to my human it's hard to walk two handsome doggies at the same time as trying to take photos.

After a short walk to get there we arrived at our favourite place .

Here we are waiting to be let off . I don't know why we must wait to be let off! I think it's about being a well mannered doggie ?! Sigh!

Well as soon as we were let off we got down to the important things like sniffing and exploring.

Smells good !! Wonder what that was ?

Then after lots of sniffing we played chase which is a real fun game that my human Ros thought up . She drives away in her wheelchiair as fast as she can then calls us and we come running as fast as we can. It's so much fun .

Here we go. Wait for us.

Hey wait for me. Doesn't count if you cheat.
Apparently according to my human even though it was a nicer day than it has been we were not allowed to go for a swim. Can you believe it ??!!! Does she not realise the reason we love the river so much is because we can go swimming! It's so unfair. So we played chase again and this time I thought we won by heaps .

Come on !! She's so slow !

Ah, there you are ! what took you so long ? we've been waiting! Come on , let's go!

Then we decided to do some more sniffing .

This smells good Angus. What is it,do you think ? If my nose serves me right , it's rabbit.
Home, we go.

Are we heading home already? We just got here! Hey! Where is Milo?

There he is.

Well Ros decided it was time to leave even after we tried our best to persuade her to stay a little longer with our puppy dog eyes but she said no . She can be so cruel sometimes.

So off we went back home but as we got to the park Ros surprised us by letting us of again. Perhaps the sad eyes worked better than we had thorght off we went to eplore the park.

Here we are exploring.

We stayed there for a few minutes which was good and allowed some of us to have a quick rest.

Just resting for a bit . Hey what's that?

Wait for me Milo.

We stayed for a few more minutes then it was really time to go home .
We had a great time today and we were very tired when we got home but we can't wait for our next walk.

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