Monday, July 12, 2010


Guess what today is ? My 6th birthday and to celebrate my human Ros made me my very own party hat and she even put a six on it!

Does this colour go with my coat? She said I looked very handsome as always.

Ok. Can you take this off me now? I mean , I have my pride! Please get it off now. NOW!!!!

To celebrate my sixth birthday I went on a walk with Ros all by myself which I loved as we got to spend some nice alone time together. My choice of destination so we went to the weir.

First, we went around the small block.

Here we are on our way around the small block. Don't I look handsome?
Here I am on the way to the weir.

Come on. Let's keep going. After a little while we arrived at the weir .

Isn't it just the most beautiful spot? Just look at that lovely old gum tree. It's like a hundred years old .
So first I did lots of sniffing .

This smells good. Is it rabbit?

Oh, what's that ? Then I did some swiming. Isn't it such a nice spot to swim and hasn't it got such clear water?

Ros could even see some tiny fish in the water.

As its my birthday I got to do my favorite thing - swimming.

So Ros found a stick and she threw it for me but the first time I was not really paying attention and I did not see where it landed and though I went in I still didn't see it so Ros had to get a new stick for me.

This time I made sure I was paying attention when she threw it for me.

Off I went to get my stick. Can you see it?

Here I'm coming back with my stick.

And here I'm exploring at the weir.

Any rabbits in here?
Then we found some rabbit scratches that were really fun to play in and sniff around.

And I also found some rabbit hair which I thought was delicious and because it's my birthday I did not get in to any trouble eating it. Birthdays have benefits like being able to keep my lovely wet smell.

After some more exploring we started to head home.
To be continued ......

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