Friday, June 11, 2010


Yesterday we were planning to go for a walk but at the last minute my walk was cancelled on the grounds that it was too cold I didn't quite see what they meant it felt fine to me perhaps they need better coats or something so much to my disgust my walk was cancelled. The nerve!!! So after this major disappointment my human was starting to feel bad as she should. So I thought we could play fetch instead.So my human went inside to get my favourite toy.

This is my favourite toy . He is good for playing tug and fetching.

So to start with we played tug something i'm very good at.If there was tug olymipics' I recon I do very well. Thought I'm still a good boy when I play and always let go when my human says OUT. Well most of the time.

Playing tug with my human not sure who's winning. Must be me.

Then after tug we played fetch. Now introducing my best fur pup friend angus as he said in the first post he's a older than me at 11 he doesn't play as much as he used to but yesterday he made an effort and we had a great play.

This is Angus my best fur friend.
So the playing commencend.

Just caught it.
So then Angus and I played tug .

Here we are playing tug with my ducky toy.

Next we played chasie. First my human threw the toy for me and i did a lap of excitement as I always do.Unfortunately my human forgot to take a photo I'll make sure she does next time.

Here can you see my toy.
Then angus and I did some more playing first I did the classic doggy play pose. Begging him to come and get it.

Then I lulled him into a false sence of security.

Just as he was about to make a grab for the ducky I ran for it.

Leaving him behind with a shocked and surprised look on his face but to be fair to him I came back and we had a good play.

Grrrrr I want it,give it to me,no give it to me

I won my toy back from Angus.

I won yippee
Ahh my favourite toy is back in my firm paws.

I had fun playing today and it did make up for missing my walk today then we came in side for a rest .

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