Friday, June 4, 2010


HI! Milo here. Yesterday' I went to the river . Isn't it a nice place? Most of the time I have it all to my self !

The river is just a short trot from where we live . It's my human ros' favourite place so we there a lot which is great 'coz there's great smells there. sometimes other fur pups are there to play with which is great because I love to play with other fur pup's.

Also there's a great path the whole way along so it's very pram and wheelchair friendly for humans.

There's also a great place to go swiming. Isn't it a great spot? It starts out very shallow then gets deeper.

So yesterday my human decided to take me to the river which was great fun but first I had to do a down stay before i was allowed off the lead . Can you believe it? The nerve of my human but the quicker i do it the faster i am allowed off to explore and do what I want.

Waiting to be let off.

The first thing I do when I'm let off is have a good sniff around to find out if any other fur pups have come here lately.

Hum this smell's interesting. I wonder who it was ?

Today when I was there I got to go SWIMMING !! One of my most favorite things to do and even better is when my human throws sticks in for me as I love to fetch wet sticks as they are just so much more fun when they're wet.

Hear I"m about to go fetch the stick from the river . My human is very good at throwing balls and sticks thanks to my expert teaching . She was hopeless before I came along. Now she has matured into an expert toy thorwer If I do say so my self .

See, just look at how far it went! not too bad ; don't you think ?!

Also there is a strange big bush right near my favorite swimming spot that is apparently called a rabbit warren . I just love to check to make sure whether any one of those rascally rabbits are home

HELLO ANY ONE HOME ? Nope, darn.
So after checking if there was any one home more swimming was needed,so, we had to find another stick . Then the fetching commenced .

Doggy paddling back with my stick.

Coming back with my stick. Isn't it a lovely place?

Now I wish to tell every one a secret about the dog shake . Here is my secret about the funnest dog shake. First, you need to be wet and the smellier the better. second you need a distracted human. When they're talking is best or looking for our toys that we have hidden on purpose also works very well. Now you need to practise your stalking skills. Watching animal planet can help as you may only get one chance to try this . So once you're wet and have a distracted human slowly sneak up and then shake as hard as you can. It's so funny to watch their horrified expressions. I have done this hundred of times.It's just so much fun. Once I did it so well that my human had to walk me home dripping wet.

So close!! Next time I'll get her .
Another fun thing to do is to have a nice roll around after a swim .

AHH! Lovely scratcheys !!!

I had a great time at the river . It's another one of my favorite places.

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