Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Hi Milo & Jet here! We awoke Monday to a beautiful day! The sun was shining so we decided to go on an adventure to our favourite place, President's Park.   We arrived just before lunch time and once we had been let off we quickly headed off to investigate.
                  It didn't take long before we found the local pee mail and we soon got down to the important business of reading the local doggie news.  
               It wasn't long before Milo had made a friend in a very handsome Rottweiler doggie.
Soon though we continued on as there was much more to explore.  
 Then after walking for a little while longer we decided to turn around and head toward the dog park area.  Once we got inside I made a good friend with a very big Beagle doggie.
 After a quick little play together I walked off to find Milo and he was busy making friends of his own.
 After some great fun with all our new friends we decided it was time to go home as we were quite tired by this stage. We can't wait for our next run at President's Park.

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