Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Hi Jet here! Today I had a pawesome visit from my best doggie friend Dixie.  I was relaxing inside when I heard a car pull up so I jumped up very excited and raced outside. I was very happy to see my best friend.  The first thing we did was go for a big splash in our pond which soon triggered a zoomie episode.
           Then we headed off into our pen and more chasing began.  As it was quite a warm day we soon started to get hot so we found a lovely spot in the shade for a great game of bite face.
The we decided to find something to play with and it didn't take long until we had found the perfect thing. A stick!!!
 We had a lovely time playing with the stick. After this it was sadly time for Dixie to go home. I hope she comes back soon for another pawesome play.  


Hi Jet & Arli here! Last week we went for a pawesome big walk to one of our favourite places Presidents Park.  It was late lunch time wh...