Wednesday, November 18, 2015


HI Milo & Jet here! A few days ago we went to the most pawesome doggie outing ever. It was called the Labrador Indulgence Day. We awoke very early in the morning to see Ros holding our leads so we got very excited as we knew that we were about to go on a pawesome adventure. We quickly ran out and jumped into the car.  After a little while we arrived and we were very excited.  We then heard someone saying that there was going to be a fieldwork demonstration.  So we raced over to watch.

 We would have loved to join in with our swimming friends but sadly our humans would not let us off our leads.  After the awesome swimming demo we went to sniff out what else was on and we soon heard that the Guide Dogs' humans were doing a talk about the work that the dogs do.  Our humans found the puppies adorable.
 Then after watching the demonstrations we decided to wander around to see what friends we could find.
 Then as we were busy making friends we heard some one say the walk among the grapevines was starting so we quickly went over to join in. There were some great smells among the vines.
 We had soon come to the end of our walk so we headed off to go and find some more new friends and it wasn't long before we found a handsome chocolate boy so we all decided to get our photo taken together.
 Then a lovely young Labrador came over to say hello and it didn't take long before Jet started a game  of bitey face.
 After such excitement we decided to go and have a nice drink and rest in the shade.  Ros went around and took photos.
 After our nice rest we headed off to see what other labrador friends we could sniff out :) It didn't take us long before we sniffed a few new handsome friends.  We all lined up and started posing. We looked very handsome if we do say so ourselves.
 After we had said goodbye to these two new friends  a yellow lab suddenly came over to join in the photo taking. So we made a Labrador Rainbow.
 Don't we all have lovely smiles. Then while Milo went for a quick rest I quickly made another two friends.   Then when I looked up I saw Milo making friends with a lovely young chocolate boy.
 Then we heard the games were starting so we went to watch what was happening and we also had good fun joining in.  The first game was Musical Mats.  The idea is to sit on the green mats before any other doggie can sit on them and you walk around and once the music stopped you needed to race to a mat.  It was quite tricky as for some reason the mats kept disappearing.   The first time I didn't do so well but the next time I drew for first place. We both got a new present to take home with us.
 After such excitement I decided to join Milo for a nice rest under a nearby tree while we enjoyed watching the next competition.
This was the fastest eater competition. The labrador that made it to the end of the three plates the first was the winner.    
 It was a very funny to watch.  Then we noticed people were starting to leave so we to decided it was time to go home as we'd been there all day and we were very tired labradudes.  We walked back to the car and jumped in and fell straight to sleep dreaming of our day out. We have our paws crossed that they have it again next year as we can't wait to come back.  


  1. My Labs want to go to Labrador Indulgence Day next year :) I can't blame them!

  2. There is so much cuteness in the post. I just love to see the group shots of all the labs together! Oh and I bet that water was cold - you were smart not to go in.

  3. Wow, what a fabulous outing! So many gorgeous pups! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Love the Lab rainbow!

  4. OMD, that looks like a very exciting day!!!! WOWSA! So many thingies to do, and so many furiends to meet! I hopes you get to have another one of those very soon!!!
    Oh, and you guys do make the most handsome models!
    Ruby ♥

  5. What a pawsome day out. We think there should be a National Indulgence Day for all dogs...SHE says we're always indulged. The labs we meet at the river love eating, so that last contest would be fun to watch...and take part in. That was a fabulous day out. You're so lucky.



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