Thursday, September 10, 2015


Hi Milo & Jet here! We awoke on the second day of our holiday to beautiful weather so we told our humans another bush walk was in order. Once we grabbed our leads we headed off to explore another of the walking tracks on the property. We were very spoilt by the fact we were allowed off lead on the paths which gave us a much better chance to sniff out all the smells.
 Jet and I stopping for a sniff. We soon continued on until we came across the perfect place for getting photos of our handsome selves.    
  Don't we look very handsome? :) Then Jet decided to try and play a game of hide and seek and if we say so ourselves he did a very good job.
We were soon coming to the end of our walk so we were placed back on our leads as our humans wanted to go see some of the other animals that lived there.
 After admiring the animals which looked delicious! We mean cute! We headed down their drive way to the forest they had across the road for another big walk.
                This was a lovely flower that we spotted on the way into the forest :) We soon found the perfect spot for a photo.  
                         Stopping for a sniff.  There were many interesting smells along the path.
We continued walking for a while until we found another perfect spot for a photo. 
      After one last sniff we turned around and started heading back.  Once we got back we headed straight for the dam for a nice cool down swim.  
              Once an appropriate stick had been sniffed out the games began.  We had a great time making the biggest splashes possible and that made for some very groovy water droplets.
 Then as we were busy swimming we spotted Ros pulling a strange green net out of the water so we raced over to see what she was up to and when we got there. Oh Boy! Were we in for a surprise?!  The nets had these strange water animals in them. We were quite excited.    
Our humans called them yabbies. We were hoping we would be allowed to eat one as we heard they taste delicious so we were disappointed when Ros started throwing them back in the water.  Despite us racing after them in the hope we might catch one they seemed to disappear once they hit the water.  After some more swimming we headed back towards our cottage for a big rest.
While we enjoyed a well deserved rest our humans enjoyed watching the local bird life who had flown down for the afternoon snack.  
We slept very well that night and we look forward to seeing what is in store for us on the last day of our holiday.


  1. What an adventure. Looks like there were lots of great smells, sunpuddles, and new friends along the way.

  2. You two DO look very handsome - but then again you ARE very handsome:) That looks like such a nice place for a long walk - we would love all the shade along that path - helps keep us cool.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. Beautiful series of photos! :)

  4. OMD, that was such a fun hike guys!!! And I bets those smells were the bestest!!!
    And the stick rescue was epic!!! Nice job! And I thinks those yabbies are happy to swim another day...
    purty purty purty burdies!!!! Wows!!!
    Ruby ♥

  5. What a great holiday. We think that horse and the sheep and little alpaca probably need to have a run.....just sayin'. Yabbies for dinner....yum!

  6. Very nice. What a great adventure.

  7. What a fun day! You two are very handsome indeed, I am so jealous my mom went on a holiday without me. You will need a holiday to recover from the holiday. Love Dolly



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