Monday, September 14, 2015


Hi Milo & Jet here! Yesterday was a very exciting day. At lunch time we noticed a car pulling up so we jumped up to go and see who it was and we were very excited by what we saw.  Introducing our new fur friend Bentley.
                                  After an introductory sniff we were soon off and racing.
 Then as Bentley and I were having pawesome fun wrestling together, the most peculiar thing happen.
                     All our humans found this very funny :) Thankfully it didn't take us long before we managed to untangle ourselves and we were soon back wrestling .
Since it was such a beautiful day it didn't take us doggies long until we where starting to feel quite hot, so I decided to take Bentley on a tour of our house and most especially of our pond. He was very excited when he saw it and we both quickly dived in for a cool down splash.
            Once we had cooled down again we decided a game of chasey sounded like great fun.
We decided it was time for another cool down swim so we raced out the front and jumped in nose first.
                                     After a quick drink we took off on a zoomie episode.
                   After this last splash we headed into our pen for a great game of bitey face and of course  more wrestling.
 Well Bentley and I had been playing non stop almost all day and we were very very tired doggies. By this stage we could smell Bentley's humans were thinking about going home.  First though we decided to get a photo of the two of us together.
 Don't we look very handsome ? After these photos it was time for Bentley to leave. We had a great time playing together and I have my paws crossed that I shall see him again. Once he left I went straight inside and collapsed ready for a very big sleep.


  1. Oh wow!!!! What fun you had with Bentley - that handsome dude sure looks like he enjoying a good time!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. Dear Milo and Jet,

    Bentley looks like fun! I hope he comes back again soon!




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