Wednesday, July 23, 2014


HI Milo & Jet here! Yesterday we went for a very exciting adventure to a place called Cherry Lake.  We hadn't been before so we where very excited to be exploring a brand new walk.  It wasn't long before we were off on our walk.
               Isn't it a beautiful spot ? It didn't take us long to sniff out the first interesting smell.
   After we finished sniffing the local pee mail we headed off on our walk around the lake. There were lots of interesting birds that we enjoyed looking at as we walked around.
 After walking for a while I decided to stop and pose for a photo and If I do say so myself I look very handsome.
 We soon continued on and we started seeing lots of interesting signs everywhere telling our humans all about the wildlife that lives at Cherry Lake including a very rare moth that can only have it's babies on one type of plant.
 Then Milo & I decided to pose for a photo together and if we say so ourselves we look very handsome with the sun shinning on our coats.
        Then we continued on until we came across the perfect place for a family photo don't we look    pawesome together.
Then we continued on stopping often to take photos of the beautiful scenery that surrounds the lake.  
 We were nearing the end of our walk and on the way back to the car we spotted lots of bird-life which was very exciting.
It was time for us to go home but not before one last family photo. We had a pawesome time at Cherry Lake and we can't wait to go back again one day soon.

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  1. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Ooooh, new Walk! Looks like fun! Great pics of you guys with your person!



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