Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hi Milo & Jet here! On Saturday we woke up early in the morning to what we could tell was going to be a very hot day and we were quite excited as the night before we had heard Ros mentioning the Beach. We had paws crossed all night hoping that when we woke up the next morning we would have  a day of beach fun. We soon realised that our wish was going to be answered. We quickly jumped up ready to go on our beach adventure and we were excited to find out which doggies were going to be there. After a while we arrived and were very excited to see which other doggies were there but the first thing we did was take a stroll through the water together.
 After having a quick swim we headed off and the first friend I made was a lovely German Shepherd doggie followed by a handsome mix breed doggie who gave me a nice sniff hello.
 Once I had finished meeting and greeting my first two friends Milo and I set off to make a new friend together and it didn't take us long until we came across an interesting bulldog x doggie.
 Saying goodbye to our bulldog friend and then all of a sudden we were seeing double so we raced over for a closer inspection and on arrival we found out it was indeed two more of us. Once we had all done the proper doggie introductions we were off and racing with our german shepherd friend joining in with our labrador gang.
 The next two doggie friends we made were two very cute beagle doggies that enjoyed playing the chase  game with us and also having their own beagle wrestling match on the sand.
After our fun game of beagle chasing we decided to go for another short stroll through the water to cool down.
 Then I spotted Ros had brought out our toy so i went to race off after it and I was soon joined by another doggie eager for a game of tug of war.
 Suddenly I was seeing spots so went over for a closer look and found a handsome dalmatian doggie.
Then my best friend of the day turned up in a lovely yellow labrador boy called Archie. We quickly set off together to do what labradors do best.  Retrieving; which brought about some fantastic games of tug of war.  
Then suddenly it was labradors galore with two other labradors suddenly appearing.  Soon we were having our own labrador party.
        Then after a great splash in the waves with our labrador buddies Jet and Archie moved their game of tug up onto the sand.
 Once we had finished our fantastic game of sand tug we decided to play fetch in the water again so I stood poised ready for toy lift off.
 After this last great play together Archie's owner decided it was time for him to go home which made me quite upset as he was such a good new fur friend.  I have my paws crossed that I see him again one day soon. After saying goodbye to each other I went to search out my next new friend and it wasn't long before i found one in a lovely grey whippet doggie and oh boy could he zoom.
 We had such puppy fun that at the end of chase game we gave each other a big hug and both have paws crossed that we will see each other again.  The last doggie friend of the day that I made was a  Miniature Bull Terrier called Bullitt.
 Then it time for us to go home as we'd been there for three hours and we were so tired. We were almost falling to sleep standing up so our humans packed up everything and led us back towards the car where we had a big drink of water before we jumped into the car and passed out. We slept all the way home and were still recovering from what was a huge doggie day out.


  1. That looks like our mornings at the river. Except your friend look more upmarket than ours. We love Bull Terriers. Your new friend looks like our friend Gwen Stephani!

    That's a great way to get through the heat we've been having.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. OoH so many doggies havin' so much fun! No way is it beach weather at our house today, 15 degrees F now and 8-14 inches of snow is expected from now until tomorrow! Hey guess what?? Max and me has a cuzin' named Archie and him is a yellow lab too! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  3. Howdy Milo and Jet. Boy oh boy you two had fun. What an amazing pack of labs! All your friends look fabulous and we're so glad you had a wonderful time. Keep cool mates. We've actually got rain here. It is soooo cool after our hot weather. Take care and have a good weekend. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  4. Just look at all the sun and surf! Such a difference from our posts...which are all gray and snowy!

    Whenever I am missing the warm weather, I just pop by your blog, and I can almost soak up the vitamin D!

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