Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hi Jet here! Yesterday afternoon I saw Ros grabbing my lead so I jumped up ready for a walk. We walked out to the car.  I had soon jumped in ready for a walk.  Off we drove toward our destination. We had soon arrived at our local You Yangs. I couldn't wait to get out and start exploring.  
 It didn't take me long to find the first interesting smell. I spent a few minutes enjoying this interesting new smell.  
 Once I had finished sniffing we headed off on the start of our walk at the You Yangs. As we were walking along we suddenly stopped as the humans had spotted a Koala in the tree so we stopped to have a look at it.
 After some Koala spotting we continued with our walk stopping occasionally so Ros could take photos of the path ahead.

Stopping For A Sniff 
I got very excited when I found this big puddle of water but I was hugely disappointed that I wasn't allowed to go for a swim.  Something about the water could make me sick. We soon continued on with our walk.
We continued on until we came across the most pawesome gum tree. My humans reckon it's at least 600 years old. Just imagine how old that would be in dog years.
After admiring the huge tree we started heading back towards the car but as we were getting closer the humans suddenly did a very sharp turn and headed over toward a near by tree and they went nuts with excitement. Something about a bird called a tawny frogmouth.  Our humans had never seen them in the wild so they were very happy.  While I rested the humans took over 200 hundred photos of them.
In case your humans are wondering Tawny Frogmouths belong to a family of Australian birds called nightjars in which they are the largest member. Although they look some what like owls their diet mainly consists of flying insects like moths. After the excitement we walked back to the car and I jumped in ready to go home for a big sleep.


  1. OMD, what a PAWSOME walkie!!! Too bad abouts the puddle though...butts better to be safe than havin' the runs for a couple of weeks!! BOL
    Those burdies are amazin'! They do look kinda like small owls! BEAUTIFULS!
    You guys always have the most FABulous walkies!!
    Ruby ♥

  2. That was an incredible walk. Seeing a koala AND frogmouths...you're so lucky. We don't have koalas around us. AND SHE's only EVER seen two in the wild. We would have loved that walk.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. You guys are in Australia?!? That's just pure awesomeness. We are jealous. It's so cool that there are still places like that in your area.



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