Sunday, September 15, 2013


Hi Milo & Jet here! Today we went for a lovely walk to our local mountain; the You Yangs.  We left home at one o'clock and drove straight there excited about our adventure. Waiting For The Car!!
Soon we had arrived. This time we decided to drive to the top and on the way up there were some amazing views outside the car windows. 
                    Once the car was parked we quickly headed off towards the walking tracks. 
 The beginning of our walk.  Don't the gum trees all look nice and green still? It didn't take Jet long before he had sniffed out the first interesting smells.
 Soon we had found one of the trail signs that are posted along the path so the humans can make sure that they're going the right way.
 We decided to follow the path to see just where it would lead us. A little while later we came to a stop so we could have a small rest and so I could have my photo taken. Don't I look very handsome ?
 We soon continued on with our walk and as we were walking along we found a very huge rock plus we also found a nice spot for a family photo.
      Don't we look pawesome together ?  After photos we continued on with our walk. There were so many interesting smells along the path that after a few good minutes of decent sniffing Jet's nose was orange.
 After much important sniffing I decided that a photo of my handsome self was needed.  First though, I had to sniff for a place to pose. Then Milo decided to join in the fun.   
 While we were busy taking photos we saw some familiar faces walking along the path towards us. A family of four doggies were also enjoying this lovely spring day with their humans.
  After all the doggies had passed by we continued on with our walk and came to a little area where there was a small break in the trees and we all stopped to admire the view. We were sure we could see our house from where we were standing.
 Isn't it a pawesome view?   While we were there I took a chance for a photo opportunity and I think I look very handsome.
 We decided to start heading back towards the car as we were getting quite tired by now so off we headed along the path. Jet soon became very diverted by something in the bushes along the path. We wonder if it could have been a kangaroo?  
What was that ? 
After no luck discovering what Jet's mystery animal was we walked on until we found a perfect place for another family photo.
  Then we came across another gap in the trees which provided us with an awesome view of all the paddocks around the You Yangs. At the moment many farms are growing canola oil which is why some of the paddocks seem to be bright yellow.
Then Ros saw a very cute little bird called the Spotted Pardalote looking for some insects amongst the gum trees.  
After a bit of bird spotting we had arrived back at the car and we were very tired by this stage as we had walked about four kilometres. We couldn't wait to get in to fall asleep but before we could we had one last family photo taken. 
Once we got home, after having a big drink, we feel straight to sleep dreaming of our You Yangs walk. Goodnight from Milo & Jet. 


  1. Well was a great and beautiful walk. I have never sniffed a Kangaroo.

  2. That was a pawsome walk! You all look very happy--love the family photos!!

  3. You have a mountain you can visit? We hardly have a hill..BOL! I, Daisy, chased a kangaroo's fun.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  4. Oh, I do LOVES the family photos!!!! They are just the bestest!!
    Wows, that sure was a great walkie! And all those smells!!! OMD, doggie heaven!
    You guys are just such handsome ManDogs!!
    Ruby ♥

  5. Such a lovely place for a walk, those trees are HUGE!

  6. What a fun adventure! Hurray!




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