Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Hi Milo & Jet here! On Saturday we heard we were going on a very exciting adventure to the Wyndham Pet Expo. We woke up early in the morning to see Ros grabbing our leads and her camera so we knew we were about to go on an exciting adventure. Soon we jumped into the car and set off.  After a while we had arrived at our destination. This was the site that we were greeted with when we arrived people and dogs everywhere.
It didn't take Jet long to make the best fur friend of the day in a lovely looking wolfhound x
   Isn't he handsome with his nice yellow coat and yellow eyes? While Jet was busy making friends  with his new wolfhound friend I was busy making a friend of my own in a handsome Cardigan Welsh Corgi.
 The next doggie we came across was a small yellow us. She very excited to meet us. It wasn't long before she and Jet were rolling on the ground playing a pawesome game of bite face.
While Jet was busy playing bitey face with his new friend another yellow lab friend walked over towards us so Jet & his new young freind said hello.        
After saying hello to our first friends we went for a walk around to see some of the stalls that they had there. As we were walking around we ran into something amazing; Jet's mini me!!! He was very cute and it's hard to believe Jet was once that small. Isn't he very cute?!!
After the discovery of Jet's mini me we continued on and we soon ran into a long coated German Shepherd so we went over to say hello.    
 After talking with our new German Shepherd friend we walked a bit further and made an amazing discovery. Our friend Daisy the chocolate labrador from last year was here. We were, of course, all very excited to see each other. This year she had bought her own friend with her; a handsome black lab x. Soon even our little yellow friend had appeared. We were creating our own labrador party.  All the colours of the labrador rainbow were present.    
 After so much excitement Jet decided to get a big drink from one the many water bowls that were around. While he was doing that Ros took photos of a few random dogs that were sitting down near their owners.
 Well after Jet had finished his drink we continued on and were soon making a new friend. He was a six month old mastiff x and already as big us. He and Jet were soon playing a great game of bitey face.  
The next new friend we made was our biggest friend of the day; a very handsome fawn great dane whom we meet at last year's pet expo. 
After we had made friends we continued on and Jet soon ran into a cute American bulldog puppy that looked very cool in his army coloured harness.   
Suddenly there were greyhounds everywhere and they were drawing quite an audience from all the people that had come out. They were all retired racing greyhounds that had now found new homes. They came out to raise awareness for the greyhound adoption prorgram and they all did a very good job.    
After so many lovely greyhounds we continued on and Ros decided she wanted a photo of us so we sniffed out a suitable location and then did our best to look our most handsome.   
Don't we look so handsome? The next friend Jet made was a lovely black female labrador, who as i'm sure you can see in the photos, has something wrong with her right eye. She was such a happy bouncy girl we don't think it hurts her at all.
The next friend we made was a cute little foxy looking dog that had a nice swishing tail.   
Jet talking for the moment. I want to introduce you to my two best fur friends of my day at the pet expo. They were an Aussie Bulldog and a six month old german shepherd dog.  As you can see we got on very well and he even gave me a tiny kiss at the end.  
 My best friend of the entire day was a beautiful six month old german shepherd and we became instant fur friends. The great news is he often goes to President's Park so I have my paws crossed that one day when we go I will see her again and we can have a proper play. Doesn't she have a beautiful face?    
Extreme Bitey Face
Then I came across two of the strangest looking dogs I had ever met. They were long and skinny with very strange faces and they were being carried around in their little pram cage.  I found them very interesting and would have liked them to come out to say hello to me but unfortunately they were taken away before that happened. I was most disappointed.  
 After we walked away from my two very strange new friends we went looking for a drink of water as all this excitement makes you very thirsty.
After we had our drinks we went to have another look at the stalls again and the humans decided to stop at one that was selling dog beds and as they were talking I thought they looked most comfortable    so chose to have a rest. All the humans thought it was very funny and I even became the mascot for the dog beds for a few minutes. I think I did a very good job.   
 Well after having a relaxing rest I went off to look for some more friends to say hello to. The first friend I met was a big black lab called Jack. The next friend I made was a seven month old Rottweiler.  
 The next dog we're going to show you was Ros' favourite dog of the entire expo. It was a nine week old Jack Russell x and it was so cute that Ros made many strange squeaking noises when she first spotted him.
    Isn't she so cute and tiny?! She was so tiny that she could fit into one of Ros' hands and it felt like she weighed nothing at all. She was so cute Ros was very temped to grab her and run away as fast as possible but thankfully she eventually decided against that even though it was very hard to do. After all, look at that cute puppy face. We had been there almost all day and the expo was starting to pack up so we decided it was time to go home again. After one last photo we went towards the car and jumped in ready to go home.
        We had a fantastic time at the pet expo and can't wait to go back again next year to make even more new friends.


  1. You sure got to meet lots of new friends. SHE says we get too wild when we're around lots of dogs--especially if we're together.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Wow, I'd say you met a lot of new friends, that's really cool!

  3. Wish we had pet expos over here. Awesome photos as usual!


  4. Now that was on awesome doggie pawty, so many new furiends, hope you made a list with phone numbers, so you can meet and play all year long. Bet you guys were worn smooth out!

    The Mad Scots

  5. Looks like a VERY exciting day!

  6. What a great place to meet new friends. Love your photos - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  7. Howdy Milo and Jet, wowza we loved all your friends. You sure are a happy couple of dogs. Thanks for taking us along mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  8. That was a cute corgi you met, my peep is partial to corgis, she has a thing for short legged dogs... bol!



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