Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hi Milo & Jet here! Yesterday we had a pawesome day out at the RSPCA million paws walk. We woke early in the morning to see Ros grabbing our leads so we knew we were about to go some where exciting, after a little while we jumped in the car and headed of on our day out. We soon arrived and once we had jumped out of the car all we saw were  doggies and people everywhere.
   It didn't take Jet long to make our first friend of the day,it was a cute white whippet doggie that was very friendly.  
Well after making my first friend Milo and I continued on and it wasn't long before we meet up with our next friend who turned out to be a yellow us so we all got on very well.
After saying goodbye to our labrador friend we went for a little walk around until we came across a handsome fawn great dane called Indy. Jet & Indy got on very well together. 
 Well after sniffing noses with my big friend we continued on until we ran into a black us who had bought there human out for a walk on such a nice day.
The next doggie we rubbed noses with was a cool looking boxer doggie that look very cool in his very own million paws walk bandana.
 After saying goodbyes to our boxer freind we noticed that the walk was starting so we quickly went over and lined up.  Soon everyone began walking, so of we headed on our walk with all our new friends.
Look at all the people who had come out for such a fun and exciting day out with there doggies.  As we walked around Ros took a few photos of the different dogs who come out on such a nice day. 
Then halfway around we stopped for pictures of our own so we did our best to look very handsome.
 Don't we look very handsome ? Well after our photo shoot we continued on until we where almost at the end of our walk and we where starting to run into people and doggies again.
After such a long walk we quite thirsty so we went to take a drink at one of the many buckets that where lying around. This cute little pug doggie took quite a liking to sniffing my head while I was having my drink.
 After getting my drink Milo & I went around making new freinds, the first friend we made was a lovely old golden retriever doggie.
After giving our new golden freind a kiss we continued on and it wasn't long before Jet found his next new friend. It was a very friendly labrador x kelpie who like Jet was very bouncy, they ended up having a good wrestle around with each other.
  Jet and his friend soon stopped playing and we continued on, It wasn't long before Jet made another new friend in a cute little leonberger puppy.
Once i finished saying hello to my new puppy friend milo and I decided to have a rest while ros went around taking photo's of some the other doggies that had come out for the walk.   
After getting photo's of all the different dogs that were around I went for another walk and I soon made a new freind in a lovely Chow Chow Doggie
Then I made my best friend of the day in a young whippet doggie we became fur friends at first sniff. Doesn't he look cool in his blue harness ?
Well after saying goodbye to my new whippet friend, Ros decided it was our turn for some photo's so after sniffing out the best location the photo taking began. Milo went first and then it was my turn.
  Milo decided to have a rest from the photo shoot so while he doing that Ros took me for a little walk off lead. Most of the doggies had gone home now so it was safe off lead. I still did make one friend in a brindle greyhound doggie that was on walk with his human.
 Photos finished we headed back to the car and we soon fell asleep. Such a big day making friends, we had great time at the paws walk this year and we can't wait until next year when say hello to all our friends again bye from Milo & Jet


  1. What a pawsome walk - and meeting all those new friends. Have a great weekend - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  2. I, Daisy, went on the Millions Paws walk in our area. It was pawsome, too. Lots of dogs to meet. I even met a sheep.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. What a great day! We sure wish there was an event like this in our area!

  4. So many butts to sniff, so little time...



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