Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hi Jet here! Today is my birthday! I'm turning one year old. It's very exciting so I thought I would start today by going through all my baby photos and tell you a tiny bit about each one.  I don't think I've told any of our blog friends this but I first met Ros when I was only three weeks old. Ros came to my breeder's home just to meet me and it was love at first sight.
That's me at the front with my brother and three sisters! Weren't we all so cute. Then Ros decided because I was so adorable she'd come to visit me again once a week until I was allowed to come home with her. Then a week later when I turned four weeks old Ros came to visit me again to give cuddles which I loved and I spent all my time asleep during her times she came to see me as I wanted to save up my energy for when she took me home with her. 
When Ros returned at five weeks she could not believe how much I had grown in such a short time. I was nearly twice the size I had been at four weeks but I still just as cute. 
My Sister & Me
Once I turn six weeks old I had my first big adventure. I moved into an outside pen just for us puppies to play in and sleep in as we were starting to get too big to be kept inside. 
Seven weeks old 
Well one week later and Ros returned but this time I sniffed out that this was a very important day. This was the day she was going to take me home with her. We got into something called a car and i was driven to my new forever home. This is my first photo at my new home.
This is a collection of photos taken in the first 24 hours in my new home. There was lots of exploring and sleeping to do. This is Milo and I meeting for the first time.   
 My first week in my new home was very busy. I had many people coming out to meet me plus I had all my new toys to play with.  I loved this ducky toy as it was so soft to chew on plus it made a really cool noise.
If I had known how busy week two was going to be I would have slept even more.  Week two in my new home meant the beginning of puppy school. I was very excited to go and make some puppy friends. 
 Even outside of of puppy school I was busy making new fur friends like Max who is a local Little River doggie. 
I now had all my puppy needles so I was free to go where ever I liked now so that's when I started going to new places with Ros & Milo like the Oval & Hovell's Creek. 
I went to a pet expo where I won a prize for shiniest coat. Plus I made many new doggie friends including three other labradors.
I had my first sleep over at another house which was pawesome fun as there all new smells to sniff and all new walks to explore. 
The older I got the more exciting my adventures became; Presidents Park and my first go at swimming, Yarra Bend Park and many puppy play dates, dressing up as a police dog for halloween, My first Family Christmas, seeing the christmas houses, Santa paws come to visit and I found out where my favourite place in the world is to go when we went on our beach adventures.           
Well I hope you have enjoyed this walk down puppy lane with me and I've heard tomorrow is still going to be a big day for me something about cake and presents.  I can't wait. I wish my brother & sisters a very happy first birthday and I hope you're getting just as spoilt as I am. From your fur brother, Jet.


  1. Happy Birthday Jet - Wow does time fly past!! You've grown soo much and had so many adventures already.
    Woofs and Licks that your human friends give you a wonderful day.

  2. Happy Happy Barkday Jet! You were such a cute puppy and you are a handsome young man now. Hope you have a lot of treats and pressies today. Enjoy being pampered, Jet!

  3. Happy Birthday Jet - we loved those puppy photos and what a handsome dog you have grown up to be. Have a great day - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  4. Happy Birthday....ONE...that's a biggy. Love puppy photos, especially that one with your little tongue peeking out.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

    Hope you have some cake and ice cream and maybe a huge bone.

  5. Happy Birthday Jet!! Looks like your first year was great!!

    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  6. Happy Birthday Jet. Wowza we can't believe you are one already. You have certainly had a wonderful year and we LOVE all you photos. Hope your cake tasted grreat. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Jet! What a fantastic first year you have had! Celebrate with gusto my furiend :D

    Waggin at ya,



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