Monday, March 4, 2013


Hi. Milo & Jet here! Yesterday we went for a very exciting adventure to a place we've never been to before.  It was called the Bellarine Rail Trail.  The walk starts at Geelong and ends at Drysdale so it's 35 kilometres all up. We left early in the morning and off we headed in the car to our destination. After 50 minutes we had arrived. Our humans had decided to begin the walk at the Drysdale end as it had lovely scenery and good smells.  Once we had found a place to park we all jumped out and spotted the sign to tell our humans we had found the beginning of our walk. 
Well off we headed on our walk. It was a very nice spot to walk as there were lots of nice trees that gave us some good shade. 
 After walking for a while I came across some of the local pee mail so went over to sniff out who else had been this way lately.
 After reading the local news we continued on our walk and we were soon walking past a golf course that was along the trail. We saw a few people out and about hitting around a small ball with a strange stick thing we didn't quite understand. What the fun was with that we couldn't figure as all dogs know to truly enjoy playing with balls you must chase them.  After that we continued on and went past some nice native plants that our humans stopped to have a look at.  This is a saw leaf banksia.
After our stop we continued on our way and as we were walking along we came to a clearing which provided us with a good view of our mountain in the distance.   
After stopping to admire our mountain we continued on until Ros found a nice shady place so she could take my photo which turned out very well if I do say so myself.
We had walked for about two kilometres already and our humans decided it was time to turn around and begin heading back as we were looking quite hot. So, off we headed back the way we had come. 
About half way back our humans suddenly just stopped and led us over into the shade of a small tree that was on the side of the path so we could have a rest for a while plus have a big drink. 
 Well, after a nice half an hour rest in the shade we felt much cooler so we headed off again towards the car.  Although we did stop a few times to get some family photos. They came out very well if we do say so ourselves.
After the family photos we continued on until we reached the car. We waited until the humans had put everything in the car before we jumped in and fell to sleep. We had a great time on our walk and can't wait to go back there again one day soon. We slept all the way home dreaming of our adventure.    


  1. That was a brilliant walk. We were a bit worried when you said it was 35 kms long! But 4 kms is quite respectable!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. What a wonderful walk - and so sunny! Wish we had some sun here - we can't even see the sky it's so foggy :-( Lovely family photos - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  3. Looks like a wonderful trail!

  4. At first we thought you were going to do the whole 35 km! Now that's our kind of walk! : ) Yes, we would pack a tent and some food and take a few days, but that's what we love to do!

    Thanks for taking us along on your walk, it looks like a really nice place and hopefully you can get back there again soon.

  5. Howdy Mates, what a fabo walk. We loved it. It sure has been hot lately hasn't it. We love your last photo the best. A great shot of family smiles!! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  6. You have some gorgeous places to walk!


  7. You guys always go on the bestest walkies!! Next time i'm gonna have to hide and sneak into your car and come with ;)
    Love Milo :)



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