Friday, December 14, 2012


HI Milo & Jet here! Quite late in the afternoon as we were busy resting on our beds we saw Ros putting on a coat and grabbing our leads so we knew we were about to go on a walk so we got up ready for an adventure. Well, off we headed on our walk.  First we began with heading down the path which leads the way around the small block.
We kept walking for a while when we reached the end of the road and Ros started walking down towards the park.
 Don't we look so handsome ? 
We continued on and had soon arrived at the park where we were let off the lead to do some exploring.  
The weather was much cooler today than it has been this last week which had an unusual effect on Jet. As soon as he was let off he took off doing giant zoomies which made his ears do many funny things.  
 After he had calmed down we got down to the important business of sniffing the local vegetation for any pee mail our friends had left behind.
 After we had finished reading the local news we were put back on our leads to continue our walk.  We headed across the road towards our favourite spot; the river.
Doesn't the river look nice at the moment?  The grass still hasn't dried out yet so it still looks nice and green. Jet still had lots of energy left while I was getting quite warn out so I stayed on my lead this time which I didn't mind as Jet's been a bit annoying lately playing quite roughly.  I was happy to have the humans for protection.  Jet really enjoyed his second off lead time as usually during summer we are never allowed off down at the river because of things called snakes. They can be very dangerous and there have been a few sightings near to where we live lately which makes Ros extra paranoid.  As  today was cold she let Jet off and he took full advantage. 
Once we had reached the end of the river  Jet was put back onto his lead again and we were getting tired at that stage so we decided to start heading home but it wasn't long before we ran into a local doggie friend. Her name is Kelly. Isn't she cute ?   
We all had fun saying hello to each other. After that Jet and Kelly got their photo taken together.  It came out very well with Jet keen to show off his impressive tongue.  
 After saying goodbye to Kelly we continued on with our walk. As it rained all day there was a lovely fog in the air so Milo and I got quite wet from our walk not to mention all the walking in the wet grass.
 While Jet was busy sniffing something Ros took photos of my handsome face and I think they turned out very well. 
 After photo taking we started hurrying home as it was starting to get quite cold and the humans were struggling without fur coats. Still they allowed us many opportunities to sniff and find out more about the local news plus before reaching home we had time for one last family photo.
 I think we look very good together.  Once we had arrived home we both got dried off with towels so we wouldn't get a chill then after we had rested for a little while we were taken outside for our dinner. We came inside and went straight to sleep after such a big walk.  We can't wait for our next rainy evening walk. Goodnight from Milo & Jet . 


  1. You got to walk in the RAIN???!!! We totally understand about that hot weather AND snakes--boy they really cramp your style!

    We went to the river today and Roxy ran around like a lunapup with her friend Kelly the kelpie.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Howdy Milo and Jet, what a fabo walk. Jet sure looked funny with his flying ears and his loooong tongue. Sometimes the young pups need lots of exercise don't they hehe. Glad you all had fun. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  3. You are SO lucky... My peeps are sooks and won't go out in the wet!

  4. You two do look so handsome together! It sounds like you had a great time on your rainy walk. Kelly is pretty cute!



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