Sunday, October 7, 2012


Hey Milo & Jet here! A few days ago we went to President's Park.  It was a lovely warm day and we decided it was the perfect time to go out for an adventure. Thankfully, Ros was thinking the same thing so we  all jumped into the car and headed off to the park.  After a little while we arrived and we were very excited about going on a new adventure.  We had barely even got out of the car when we saw this sign.
This made both Jet & I very excited as we love going to off lead areas where we can just be dogs and let fur down so to speak.  As soon as we were let off we trotted to explore this pawesome place.
      After having lots of fun checking out all the new smells we suddenly spotted something amazing!! It was.... yes, a black us!!  Her name was Ruby and she was only 15 months old so she and Jet got on very well as they both have that puppy energy.
 As you can see we got on very well and had lots of fun playing together.  It's always pawesome meeting another us when we're out and about as we usually always get on very well together.  Maybe it's because we like doing the same things like swimming.  After saying goodbye to Ruby we all continued on with our walk and we were getting a little hot by this stage so we decided it was time to go for a swim. Luckily, there was a pawesome spot that was like our own little beach complete with sand; nice and shallow at the beginning that slowly got deeper. A perfect spot for a first swim.
 As you can see we had a pawesome time swimming in our own private beach and I had lots of fun retrieving the sticks Ros threw in for me. Jet also had a great time during his first swimming experience and while he didn't let his feet leave the ground this first time he was very excited about splashing around in the shallows. He even went out to fetch a stick although he didn't it bring back in. Still, for a first effort we think he did very well and it will be only a matter of time before he is a swimming champion like me. Well after all that fun swimming we went to check out more of the park and see what other interesting smells we could find.
Just look at all that space dog friends for doggies to explore and have play dates with each other and that isn't even half the park!!! It continues on for ages. As we were busy exploring we spotted another doggie coming towards us so we walked over to saw hello to a very freindly Staffordshire Bull Terrier doggie and we became instance fur friends and started a great game of chase.
 After all that chasing we were both getting very tired so the humans decided it was time to go home but not before they took some photos of us posing.

We both look very handsome if we do say so ourselves!!  After the photo taking was over we all jumped into the car ready to go home. We had such a pawesome time at President's Park and can't wait to go back there to make more new friends and swimming fun. Once we were in the car we fell straight to sleep and only woke up to walk inside to our beds where we stayed until the next morning dreaming of our President Park play date.


  1. That might be the best place ever! What excellent pictures!

  2. now those are some HAPPY lab faces if I ever did see!


  3. OMD you two, what a woofen time you had- it was a dream day--- "yeah!!!" wow, i am in awe...

  4. What fun! It looks like you two had a great time. How old is Jet, just learning to swim? He's going to love it with some practice. Keep having fun you two!

  5. OMD I AM SO JEALOUS!! I wish i went there! I'm glad you guys had fun though!!

    Milo :)

  6. Was that President's park at Wyndham Vale? It looks good.



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