Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Hey Milo & Jet here!  A few days ago we went to the blessing of the animals at our local church. Early in the afternoon we saw Ros grabbing our leads so we knew we were about to go somewhere exciting. After Ros had made sure she had grabbed everything we headed off towards the church. After a little while we arrived.      
This is the enter sign on the front gate. After we sniffed it out we went inside to see who else had come. We found a good spot to sit at the back as it had lots of space for big doggies like us. 
 While the humans did their part we rested up so when it came to making new friends we had lots of energy to spare. A lovely person came over to say hello to us and gave us a nice pat on our heads.  That was very fun and I think if our tails had wagged any faster we would have taken off. A little while later we noticed the humans all getting up to go outside so we bounded up ready to see who else had come.  The first doggie we saw was a cute little Jack Russell Terrier who had a cute face.
The next doggie we ran into was a caviler king charles that was very friendly and soon came over to say hello.
  The next friend we made was a small white fluffy dog that looked handsome in his black bow tie.
Well after getting his photo Ros said it was our time for photo taking.  We both found a suitable location and began posing for photos. 
Don't we both look very handsome?  After getting a big treat each for doing such a good job we went to meet some more new friends. 
After making a few more doggie friends we went to say hello to some of the people who had turned up and Milo ended up getting a pawesome head massage.
After Milo had got his head and neck massage Ros decided that it was time to start heading home. After a little while we had arrived home and after having a big drink we fell straight to sleep. We had a pawesome time at the blessing of the animals this year and can't wait for next year's one. Bye from Milo and Jet.  


  1. That looks a really pawsome event and free head massage too :-) what a lovely day - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  2. Cool one we like that fact that once a year everyone is included bipeds and all fours. Grand. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. What a great day - we had Sam blessed years ago, but would like to bring Monty and him to another event.


  4. How wonderful is that to have a day for blessing of the animals!

  5. Isn't it great that peeps care enough to bless us animals too? God loves us all!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley



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