Saturday, January 12, 2019


Hi Jet and Arli here! Yesterday was quite a hot day so we enjoyed spending our time under the air con but around 7 o'clock we decided to head off on our walk.  Once we were leashed up we headed off on our walk. 
 We were soon heading down Boadles Lane.  We haven't been this way in a long time so it was nice to take in the sights again.
                    After walking for quite some time we decided to stop and pose for a photo.
                                             After photos we continued on with our walk.
 It wasn't much longer until we had reached the end and it was time to turn around and start heading back home.
                               On the way back we decided to stop and pose for another photo.
                                                      We soon continued on our way.
 The sunset looked lovely as it peeked through the trees on our way home.  It's one of the best parts of daylight saving's night walks.
                We were soon home where once we had a big drink we soon crashed ready for bed.
Goodnight from a tired Jet and Arli.  


  1. What a beautiful walk you guys had! If you need some cooler breezes to cool off, I can send you lots of them!

  2. We've been up early and taking our walks before the heat hits. Then we hibernate inside. We only had one evening walk. Your walk looks very interesting. Lots to sniff. Keep cool. We're heading for a week forecast as up to 44°C!

  3. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Happy new year! It looks hot there! It is not hot here. We hope this year is full of Walks and Dog Friends! And also treats.



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