Sunday, December 23, 2018


Hi Jet and Arli Here! This afternoon we got a pawesome surprise when we heard our best doggie friend Skye was coming and we got even more excited when we heard Wilma would be returning for a playdate fun.  So went out to wait for them and it wasn't long until we sniffed out that they had arrived so went over to greet them at the gate.  We couldn't believe how much Wilma had grown since her last visit.
Once they got in the gate we were off on a massive game of zoomies which led to some pawesome action. 
After all the racing around suddenly a toy was spotted which made us even more excited so with Arli leading the pack a great game of keep away began. 
             Suddenly we all spotted another toy flying through the air so we raced over to investigate.
After all that tugging action we took off on another zoomies' lap around the back yard with a game of wrestling thrown in.
After all this playing it was time for our friends to go home as we were all tired doggies. We can't wait until they come back for the next play date.

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  1. You guys look like you are having a blast together!
    Merry Christmas!



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