Saturday, April 21, 2018


Hi Jet & Arli here! This morning we decided to go for a big hike at our local You Yangs.  We left early in the morning and we had soon jumped into the car ready for action.   It wasn't long before we spotted our destination out the car window. 
We soon arrived at our destination so once we had unpacked we quickly headed off to chose what walk we would be doing.  We decided on the Lumberjack Track.  It was a five kilometre walk. 
As we were enjoying walking along our track Ros suddenly stopped to take a photo of a beautiful native butterfly.  
Once we had stopped to admire the butterfly we continued on with our walk stopping occasionally to sniff out some scents.  
          Suddenly we came upon the perfect place to pose so we made sure to put our best side forward.
 Once we finished with our posing we continued on with the walk and our humans were happy that they had these signs out posting the way so they can't get lost.
 Then as we were walking along we spotted something very exciting two Kangaroos hiding between the trees.  
 To say seeing kangaroos made us very excited is a slight understatement.  We were a bit naughty as we barked at them although they didn't seem to care. They just stared, so after two very quick photos we all quickly raced past them and got on with the walk.  
 Suddenly we entered a patch of native pine trees so that was very cool and they gave off a lovely scent so we all enjoyed that.
Stopping to pose.  We were starting to get near to the end of our walk which was good as we were getting to be very tired doggies.

We were almost at the very end of our walk when we spotted this fantastic rock so we decided to pose one last time before heading home. We think it came out very well.  Once this last photo was taken we marched on and very soon reached the car so we jumped in and enjoyed relaxing in the Air Con on our drive home.  We will be sleeping very well tonight. 


  1. Those kangaroos camouflage beautifully among the forest trees! What an exciting and fun walk!

  2. Your walks sure look different than ours! We've seen deer, newts, and slugs, but I'm pretty sure kangaroos aren't a possibility here!



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