Saturday, February 3, 2018


Hi, Jet & Arli here! Today we went for a lovely Stroll down to our local oval for a nice run and play. Ros bought a toy and our Chuck it ball thrower so we had some awesome ball time. It was just after lunchtime when we arrive and we were soon let off our leads to explore.
                It wasn't long before ball play had commenced and Arli enjoyed zooming after the ball.
Then after ball chasing, we partook in a great game of bitey face.  
After all this play together we were quite hot so Ros took us over to a nearby puddle and like true labs we quickly made ourselves at home splashing in the water.
 After having such fun cooling down we decided to start heading home but not before a final photo.
Once we reached home after having a big drink we came right inside and fell straight to sleep. Can't wait for our next oval run.


  1. That was a great adventure! Arli has settled right in.

  2. Dear Jet and Arli,

    Wow, look at all that grass for running on! And rolling on! And playing on! And water, too! No wonder your tongues are hanging out!!!


  3. OMD, you guys like tennis balls too? I wish we could play together!



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