Friday, January 19, 2018


Hi Milo, Jet and Arli here! Yesterday was an extremely hot day reaching 40 Celsius so it was extremely hot so most of the day we stayed resting under the aircon.  As always Ros made us our favourite hot day treat Dogsicales.
We all quickly raced outside to enjoy our spoil. 
                                           As you can see Arli loved her first dogsicle treat.
 We all loved our hot day spoil and we can't wait until we get the next one. After finishing our treats we came back inside under the air con and slept the rest of the day away.


  1. Those look fantastic, just the thing for these hot days. We're heading into the 40s again today and tomorrow. SHE'll have to make some for us. We've been hibernating inside, too. After going to the river in the mornings.

  2. What a special treat for a hot day! Here it is freezing outside so no need to make frozen treats for us BOL Nose licks and love from Moth xx



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