Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Hi, Jet here! This morning I saw Ros grabbing my lead so I got very excited as I knew we were about to head off on an adventure.   After driving for a little while we reached our destination.  A pawesome walk called Mathias Track.  It was located within the Dandenong Ranges so it had that pawesome bush smell.
Checking out the path ahead.
There was a lovely trail to follow so with me leading the way we were soon off and exploring. My humans were really enjoying all the lovely big trees around and they also got quite excited when they spotted a Crimson Rosella. As we continued on admiring the view my brilliant sniffing ability was able to sniff out a tiny little waterfall.
 After admiring the Waterfall we continued on with the walk along the trail. We spotted some lovely little native flowers.
                             After stopping to sniff the flowers we continued on with the walk.  It wasn't long before Ros and I found the perfect place to pose.  Don't we look so happy together?
                             After possing for picks we continued with our walk.  The track was pawesome and there were some spectacular views along the way.
                    After enjoying the view we continued on and I found a perfect place to pose.  There were so many smells that it was a bit hard to concentrate on photos.  Eventually though, the perfect photo was taken.
Aren't I so Handsome? :)  
We walked a long walk and were starting to get tired so we decided to turn around and started heading back. 
 As we were near the end Ros decided it would be the perfect spot for a family photo of the two of us together.
Once we had taken our family photo we continued on and it wasn't long before the end was in sight and we were nearing the car.  Once we had arrived I jumped in ready for a big res.  In all, we walked about 6 kilometers so it was a pawesome time strolling through the bush together.  We all had a lovely time and hope to come back again one day :)  


  1. What a pretty place to walk. Are those tree ferns? Wish we could grow those here.

  2. Hi! That looks like a great place to visit! Is Milo ok? I noticed he wasn't in your pictures.

    1. Thank You for your concern about Milo :) About to post a blog about he is going.

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