Monday, February 6, 2017


Hi Milo & Jet here! Yesterday we had pawesome outing at Brighton Dog Beach as the Labrador Club of Victoria was having a meet up so we decided we just had to go.  Late lunch time we saw our humans grabbing everything needed for a beach adventure.  We soon headed off towards our destination then we unpacked the car and headed off towards the beach.  The first thing we did when we arrived was sniff out the local pee mail.
              We then enjoyed going for a nice splash in the water with Milo taking a relaxing dip.
                    We decided to have a small race through the water seeing who could make the biggest   splashes.  Milo decided I was winning so he decided to stick his tongue out at me.
 Jet spotted another lab, so he raced over to introduce himself it didn't take long before they became best friends and were off and running.
We had finished with the great game of chasey. Milo & I spotted in the distance lots of labradors coming together so we headed off after them.
                                We turned the corner and this is what we saw Labrador city.
                    We quickly headed over to introduce ourselves to everyone.  It wasn't long until I had made lots of new labrador friends.
It was quite funny just how many of our handsome selves turned out to be black, out of the group half of our lab friends were black.  
       While I was busy making lots of new fur friends Milo was busy making friends of his own.
 After all that racing around with our new fur friends Milo decided to come back to dry land for a small rest and on the way back he used his hypnotic labrador eyes to convince someone to give him a lovely back rub.
 Milo had enjoyed his back rub so much that it nearly triggered a zoomie episode and had good fun playing with two young pups and showing everyone he still has it.
Milo had a great time making new friends. I was walking around the beach and found a ball so the nearest human decided it was time for a game of fetch. Which quickly made him very popular.
 Suddenly our Fetching Fun was interrupted by our Humans wanting a group photo. Which wasn't to bad as they had treats on offer.
 Once we were finished with photo taking we saw that someone had found a STICK which was very exciting so we all raced over to play.  I decided to try and impress my new friends by showing them my jumping ability.
After this last big play everyone decided it was time to head home, as we had been playing non stop for hours,  we were all getting very tired buy this stage. So all said a last goodbye to each other before heading off home. Milo & I had a pawesome time making so many new labrador friends, we have our paws crossed that it won't be long before the next Labrador meet up.  


  1. What a wonderful day you all enjoyed. Great to see.

  2. One, what a happy pair of Labs you all have and I love seeing all these Labs together for their play date. What a great afternoon! Awesome pics.

  3. Holy smokes, you're multiplying! So much fun!!

  4. Wow...I've never seen that many labradors in one place. Glad you had such a great time.



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