Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Hi Milo & Jet here! Yesterday we awoke and we could sniff out it was going to be a very very hot day.  In fact it turned into one the hottest days on record for where we live; a sweltering 45 celcius. So to get ready for such a hot day we asked our Ros to make us our favourite hot day spoil.  Our beloved Dogsicles.

As you can see our dogsicles were truly drool worthy! Sadly they had soon disappeared.  We were most upset.  After finishing our spoil we fell asleep under the air con.  Keeping our paws crossed that the next day wouldn't be as hot.    


  1. Oh, those dogsicles look delicious!

  2. We were watching Victoria and SA on the news. We didn't get that hot...and it was bad enough for us. Yesterday and today are COLD(ish). Have a Happy Christmas! Love your dogsicles.



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