Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Hi Milo & Jet here! Today was a very exciting day. We went on another new walk to a place called Cranwell Reserve.    
It didn't take long before I came across an interesting smell. 
 We came to a beautiful grove of trees and decided this would be the perfect spot for a family photo. 
Don't we look very handsome :) 
 As we came around the corner we sniffed out a beautiful waterfall so we walked over for a closer look.
           After admiring the waterfall we turned around and started heading back towards the car, stopping along the way to pose for photos.
            Once we had jumped in the car we soon went to sleep dreaming of our next adventure.


  1. Crikey .... that was a great walk. Thanks for taking me along. I sure enjoyed it and I didn't even get tired.

  2. What a beautiful place for a walk! You were such lucky dogs!

  3. Aren't you having rain? We've got our second day of the stuff. We aren't going anywhere. Your river and ours look the same in a few of those photos.

    It's a great place to walk. Bet there were some wonderful smells.....'roos, perhaps?

  4. That was an amazing walk! Oh the road was soooo beautiful,, and it looked so quiet and peaceful! I would have loved to go there too!!

  5. OMD, what a FABulous walkie that was!!!! AND a waterfall?! pawsome! Ma said she could stay there all day and just stare at the beauty...yeah, me too...with a pitcher of margaritas, that is...hehehehe
    Thanks for takin' us along!!
    Ruby ♥



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