Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hi Milo & Jet here! Today we went to our favourite place Altona Dog beach. We woke early in the morning and we saw Ros grabbing her camera and our beach toys. We got very excited as we knew we were headed off to the beach.  We had soon jumped into the car and where off on our adventure. Once we arrived it didn't take us long before we made our first friends.
Then Milo & I made our two favourite fur friends of our day at the beach a cute little french bulldog and a speedy dalmatian.
After all that doggie chasing Milo & I decided to go for a stroll down the beach where we came across some very interesting smells.

Then it was time to go home as we where very tired buy this stage so we headed back to the car jumped in and fell straight to sleep dreaming of our day at the beach.


  1. Crikey .... what a great time you all had, aye?? There's sure some great smells at the beach. Did you get to roll in anything good. I rolled in a dead fish at my beach the other day. Mum wasn't very happy with me but I sure smelled GREAT!!!!!!

  2. What a great day! Looks like you guys had a blast! Sophie loves running at the beach. Swy has only been able to walk on leash on the beach but hopefully soon, he will get a chance to run too :-)



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