Sunday, September 14, 2014


Hi Milo & Jet here! Last weekend we went to a new doggie beach that we heard a lot about from our doggie friends. It's called Altona Dog Beach. We couldn't wait to begin exploring.
 We were soon let off to begin exploring and we had a pawesome time racing around on the sand. Then we began sniffing all the new smells and splashing through the water.
 It wasn't long before I made my first doggie friend, a german shepherd doggie that was having good fun with his green ball.
 Then I spotted Ros bringing out my soccer ball, so I raced over for a great game, which I played with great dexterity and doggie skill.
After such a pawesome game of soccer Milo and I headed off to go and make new friends. The first friend we made was a cute little mix breed doggie.
 Then we had a great time exploring a shipwreck that we found on the beach, it had many interesting smells.
Then after exploring the ship milo and I went off and made some more doggie friends in a black labrador mix and a cool bloodhound doggie.
We had fantastically pawesome time on our first adventure at Altona Dog Beach and we can't wait for the weather to get a bit warmer so we can go back and make some more new friends.


  1. A GRAND day out with new friends. Thanks for sharing your do you hold the soccer ball in your mouth? WOW


  2. It looks like you guys had a great day at the beach.

  3. That looks such a great place. Glad you had so much fun.

  4. I love seeing how much fun you all have, that's why I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can find out more about it on my blog. :)



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