Tuesday, April 15, 2014


HI Milo & Jet here! Last Sunday we went to Wyndham's Pet Expo. Early in the morning we woke up to see Ros grabbing our leads so we jumped up ready to go on an adventure.  We soon jumped into the car ready for our adventure and soon arrived at the pet expo. It didn't take us long before we had made our first new fur friends.
Milo & I were excited to see a cute black labrador youngster that was very friendly and we all enjoyed saying hello to each other. 
After making a few friends we went for a walk around with Ros stopping often to take photos of some of the other dogs that had turned up and they ranged from the really tall to the really colourful.
Once we walked around for a little while we headed back towards the main arena where all the doggies congregated and we soon ran into one off Jet's best fur friends of our day at the expo. His name was Brax; a cute, year old staffordshire bull terrier. We found out he lives in Little River like us.

After saying hello to Brax I was getting very thirsty so I asked Ros to take me over for a big drink of water and then Milo and I met our next new friend in a cute Dogue de bordeaux.
 The next doggie friend I made was a 10 month old curly coated retriever that was part of the curly coated retriever club display.  
 After making this last friend it was time for us to go home as we were both very tired by this stage. Once we got back home we fell straight to sleep dreaming of our day at the pet expo.


  1. We've never been to a Pet Expo...you lucky dogs. You certainly met some great new friends.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  2. WOW, you guys met a bunch of pals, was that a great party! even got in a little wrestling

    The Mad Scots

  3. That looks like a whole lot of fun! I've never met a curly coated retriever or a dogue de bordeaux!


  4. That looks like an excellent adventure! You made quite a few new furiends and they are all so cute too!

  5. Looks like you made TONS of new friends and had lots of fun!




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