Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hi Milo & Jet here! This week has been very hot with the last two days reaching into the high 40's Celsius so in order to get ready for such hot days Ros made us our favourite hot day spoil of our own ice poles.   Once they had been removed from their containers we sat down to enjoy our spoil.  This time the flavour was chicken pieces mixed with barbecue sauce.
         Don't they look delicious? We were soon laying down on our towels waiting for our spoil. It didn't take long before we were chowing down on our treats.
 We had a fantastic time eating our treats and once we had finished we fell to sleep under the air con dreaming of some cooler days that Ros has told us are heading our way over the coming weekend. Our dream time was disrupted suddenly by news of a local grass fire alert. It was decided by the humans that it would be best for Ros & us doggies to leave quickly for a friend's home until all was again safe.  Thankfully it wasn't long before we were allowed back home the fire having been brought under control by the local CFA. We were soon back to sleep and we have our paws crossed that all our australian blog friends are safe from fires this season.  Goodbye from Milo & Jet        


  1. So glad that fire missed you!!! It's getting hotter every day here, too. But we've been spared those HIGH temps. Your Ice Blocks look great. We've been getting some with kibble frozen in them. But they don't last long....

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. You're getting boiled alive down there. Chicken ice cubes sound like just the thing to cool you down. Glad your humans are keeping you safe. Hope your weather breaks soon.


  3. Chicken pieces mixed with barbecue sauce ice cubes looks so yummy! Ros is so sweet!

  4. Those look delicious, pals! So glad you received such yummy spoils. I am your newest follower, by the way. I cannot wait to read more about your adventures!

  5. I heard it was mighty hot down your way!!! Not pug weather, that's for sure! We have had unseasonably warm temps in California as well. It is Winter here and yet we are looking at 78 degrees Fahrenheit here!!! Weird weather.
    Love Noodles

  6. Did you want to store some of those treats in our snow??

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Howdy Mates, glad you are safe. Those ice blocks look fabo. We've been having them too. Stay cool and let's look forward to the weekend. Aaahhh, nice cool weather. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  8. Glad you are safe!

    My mama makes Pupsicles for me like this:

    4 cups orange juice and 1/2 cup plain yogurt in blender. Add 1 banana and blend to desired consistency. (Mom leaves a bit chunky for me). Then mom freezes the mixture in muffin baking tins for me.

    Let me know what you think of them if you try this recipe out!

    From your friend Chester in Winnipeg (where it is -35 celcius today!!)

  9. Yum! This heat has been awful! We've been chilling in front of the fan and eating ice too. Keep cool mates!

  10. Cool, I like ice treats too.... Maverick hasn't had chance to try one yet but I'm sure he'll love them too! Wow too hot for me - we're mean't to be in the deepest of winter but its not hit yet still 7oC and just a bit wet!

  11. I hope it cools down soon!

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